17 The amazing benefits of coconut oil for hair and skin

17 The amazing benefits of coconut oil for hair and skin ;

Coconut oil is the oil widely known for hair care in India . It is used in almost every household since ancient times in India. Is the choice of millions of people worldwide, also partly for cooking purpose. It is also used in the preparation of creams and cosmetics. What makes it so special is that it has a sweet smell.

is rich in vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals, which are essential for the human body needs. It also keeps strong and nourished hair . Delay premature aging, such as hair loss and baldness acute. A variety of remedies are prepared using a combination of coconut oil and herbs to prevent hair loss. Let me walk through the benefits of it in detail.

Benefits of coconut oil for hair

coconut oil for hair loss control:

sage leaves:

  • Boil sage leaves in coconut oil
  • apply this mixture on the scalp

lime water:

  • Apply a mixture of water with lime and coconut oil on the scalp


  • Boil a couple of gooseberry in coconut oil
  • Apply the mixture of coconut oil and currants
  • it is exempted from hair loss

Damage Control coconut oil for hair


  • protein is essential for hair growth factor
  • coconut oil helps reduce protein loss in damaged hair
  • also protects hair in good condition

lauric acid

  • coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, a saturated fatty acid
  • is easily penetrates the hair shaft due to its low molecular weight
  • is effective for before and after washing hair grooming

cooling Nature:

  1. the regular application of coconut oil gives a cooling effect on the head and scalp
  2. provides relief for people who suffer from hot head with its soothing
  3. effects

  4. also works best for people who suffer from sweating leather haired frequent

Humidity Maintenance:

  1. coconut oil is stable because it is a non-evaporative and can not be easily decomposed
  2. This quality allows you to have the capacity to retain high humidity
  3. soft and wet hair in estimating the humidity is maintained
  4. also prevents hair breakage

hair conditioner

  1. oils synthetic-Store brought provide temporary relief in hair conditioning
  2. oil acts coconut as a rich hair conditioner that it is long lasting
  3. Heat the oil a bit until hot
  4. Apply regularly hair at night and wash the next morning
  5. it remains the hair shiny and soft
  6. Repeat this activity a few days on a daily basis for a well-conditioned, healthy and strong hair

henna paste:

  • can be easily prepared at home
  • is really effective without side effects
  • Make a past of henna mixed with coconut oil and milk
  • Apply this on your hair and leave for 30 minutes and then wash the hair
  • this is very effective especially for dry hair

coconut oil Control dandruff


  1. coconut oil is rich in fatty acids, which serve as anti-dandruff as superior
  2. works better than any known shampoo anti-dandruff
  3. Apply regularly to help you get rid of permanent dandruff relief

Castor Paste:

  1. a mixture of oil coconut oil, castor oil, and warm water gives better results in the treatment of dandruff
  2. the ideal application is to massage the scalp and hair with this mixture

oil sesame

  • a mixture of coconut oil with sesame oil also has similar benefits
  • Apply the mixture to your scalp and let stand for 30 minutes before shampoo


  1. coconut oil has the quality to melt the heating and cooling condense
  2. it thins and spreads evenly due to the nature of heat scalp
  3. the sticks oil to the hair
  4. When the hair is contacted with air, the oil condenses
  5. This gives the appearance of a styling gel or cream

lice combat:

  1. lice are very irritating and even embarrassing in public
  2. is easily produced and spread rapidly
  3. heavy chemicals available on the market lice treatment, but may have negative effects on hair, especially damage the scalp
  4. Apply coconut oil to damp hair and comb to get rid of them easily

dry hair:

  1. Excellent choice for people with dry hair, rough and thin
  2. cleaning available in the market, toning and conditioning oils or shampoos take land, dead scalp and scaly leather
  3. handle your dry hair with ease regular use of coconut oil

toning hair:

  1. works coconut oil as a excellent toner hair, especially for dry hair
  2. lavender heat coconut oil until hot
  3. Apply this mixture on the scalp overnight, then wash and rinse your hair gently the next morning
  4. Repeat this activity often to achieve the desired results

mix olive oil:

  • prolonged exposure to heat or sun result in boiling
  • Some people suffer boils on the scalp, especially during the winter
  • the best way to handle boils is to keep the hair and scalp clean
  • Mix coconut oil with oil olive
  • massage your hair with this mixture
  • relief from the problems of boils is provided

and split ends:

almond oil:

  • The most common in men and women problem
  • mix coconut oil with almond oil
  • massage your hair with this mixture
  • this helps minimize the split ends

the to Gray coconut oil and balding

gray hair and baldness:

  1. the most common in men problem and women
  2. coconut oil prevents baldness and premature graying of hair
  3. Mix Bhringraj or commonly known as juice of Eclipta Alba leaf with coconut oil
  4. Apply this on the scalp and hair
  5. gives best results with the use frequent

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