15 The best daily routines skin care at home for teens look beautiful

15 The best daily routines skin care at home for teens look beautiful ;

15 Best care routines adolescent skin look beautiful. The teenager is the main principle of all skin related problems. It is also the time to show their biological development through these skin rashes, acne, boils and change in skin tone. You can check with a dermatologist and even make some simple home remedies to look beautiful and young. The following are a few Do it yourself (DIY) methods that can be done at home for better skin care.

Best routines skin care for adolescents

1. Taking bath twice regularly with warm

By taking the bath twice regularly will keep your skin away from the damage caused by germs. The use of warm water is better for cold regions across this globe. It is advisable to take bath in normal fresh water in summer. ‘From’ how to keep your skin clean, that mush to be seen in young adulthood.

2. Wash your face, hands and legs when you feel dirty

is advisable to wash the sweat from your hands legs and face regularly while in the workplace and at home. Being neat and clean is the only natural way for healthy skin in his teens.

3. Pimples are registered trademarks of adolescence

Let the beans come from, can stop its spread across his face by the routine application of neem oil. Neem oil or neem paste can kill germs and bacteria, which extend over the entire area of ​​the chin. They do cure the pimple scare.

4. Drink more water to your teen Skin Care

Water is the only natural source to remove dead skin cells teenager. The more water you drink, the better to see the output of dirt through sweat. It is advisable to drink at least four to six liters of water during the period of adolescence.


5. Use natural moisturizers

Go naturally by mixing milk, avocado and honey for facial application. You can also pour a few drops of honey in warm water and take bath for general hydration skin . You can also apply honey on the skin of the face and leave it for a while before washing time.

6. The topical use of oil daily rooms

Apply hair oil to cool your head and keep your skin clear facial . Topical application is the head or better, when waiting for a while before bath time. If you do not like topical application, apply some oil hair of his choice and comb the hair after bathing.

7. Apply oil skin care before bathing

Apply coconut oil or olive one hour before the bathroom because on all skin hydration. You can also gently massage so that the skin absorbs the oil and taste after bathing.

8. Drink fresh juices for better Skin Care

drink fresh orange juice, lemon, melon, cucumber, carrot and tomato for the overall health of the skin in their adolescent period. Consumption of fresh juice early in the morning after a meal that is good for skin health. If you have oily skin, it is advisable to drink lemon juice or orange juice after every meal is taken.

9. Apply lemon juice to cleanse oily skin

Wash your face with lemon juice to clean up excess fat facial skin. The presence of citric acid alone absorbs excess facial fat and makes your skin feel fresh. You can also make a mask of lemon just by adding baking soda lime water stick on your face. For best results, take lemon juice along with its shell.

10. Apply oil Seasome For Sun Protection

seasome oil has very good cooling properties. It is best to apply general body every day in the summer season for protection against UV rays and heat. It is natural sunscreen to human skin. You can also pour the oil seasome in warm water and take a bath if you do not have time to apply seasome oil and wait an hour of time.

11. Avoid deep fried foods

In his teenage years, should avoid eating fried foods for better skin care. ‘From’ excess fats can worsen your skin health.

12. Eating foods rich in proteins

Proteins are essential for healthy skin. It is advisable to eat more seafood, eggs and green leafy vegetables for better skin care in the period of adolescence.

13. Avoid Skin Cosmetics makeup

The skin is very sensitive teenager. Any application of cosmetic skin care product chemicals can worsen your skin. It is advisable to be natural by applying home remedies.

14. Go natural herbal cosmetics with

To avoid itches, burns and side effects of the chemical, it is advisable the use of herbal cosmetics for skin care application.

15. Eat more vegetables and fruit salads

Try to consume vegetables and fruits raw to get your complete nutrients salad. Prepare recipes of mixed vegetables and mixed salad for the benefit of all items fruits.

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