11 Makeup Tips Get great tips and ideas that you should try

11 Makeup Tips Get great tips and ideas that you should try ;

Or is a wedding celebration, party time, places meeting with friends or schedule girls office is necessary to apply makeup according to the event and the time to look your best and we are here with some super easy tips makeup you can help in applying makeup and can give you a flawless makeup just by following these simple tips.

Some Easy Get great makeup tips and tricks

Here are some tips and tricks by which you can make your makeup last longer without any extra effort:

Tip 1: tomato juice use to clean your face

Anyone can have that glamor without being professionally with just a few simple steps and the first step of all is that before applying makeup on her face uses tomato juice and clean your face with it by rubbing it on the skin for 5-10 minutes. This will protect your skin from the face of makeup materials and keeps your skin radiant and healthy always.

Tip 2: Use ice cube before applying makeup

If you want to have the last distribution longer when by ice cube before applying makeup , is a perfect idea and gives a better result in makeup. Rubbing ice cubes on the face and neck makes the skin soft and stick up for a long time without distorting.

Tip 3: Concealer Use to cover dark circles

Now from the eyes if you have dark circles, then hide by following these steps: first, apply a moisturizer with SPF to help corrector slide easily over.

Now make four points in dark circles and hide imperfections with drumming fingers covering smooth circles and blemishes. To set the concealer last powder finish is also applied.

Tip 4: Liner Use eye eyes

Now, when you have created a foundation for eye starts applying makeup in their eyes in any of the styles. It can be difficult sometimes to make on your own when you are stressed and want to hide that stress then try to use a concealer peach and does not apply smoky eye, as highlights the tension in his face.

Simply apply makeup natural look in his eyes with an eyeliner and mascara matte finish makes your eye lashes larger and her eyes look more awake and enlightening.

Tip 5: Mascara for the eyes

Upon applying mascara on lower lashes using a plastic spoon that will not stop the mascara to contact with skin under the eyes. It can allow you to create an illusion of thicker lash line without using eyeliner .

To apply mascara on curves that enhance then pull the brush and keep diagonally between the tabs and then lightly roll by defining the outer corners. It offers a look generalized eyes and at the same time looks amazing and only if the color blue mascara specially applies.

Tip 6: Apply lipstick on the lips

For the little pout soft, it is not necessary to put in many additional efforts to apply a lipstick Color wine with the help of a brush of eye shadow that makes it very smooth and shinning your pout. Color superfluous is eliminated and delivers an attractive look.

Tip 7: cat eyes

At the time of applying cat eye keeps his eyes while creating the tail so that it creates on the road exactly as you want. By keeping your eyes open, you can give the desired shape to movies as you want an opportunity

Tip 8 :. Apply bronzing

Apply the bronzer in a way so that it can improve the color of your skin naturally keeping together with highlight cheekbones and contour of the face and therefore applies a triangular pattern. First make a triangular base and then spread it over the triangle and mixed thoroughly for a natural look.

The use of ash brown eye liner is the last option to have that attractive and flattering look. This brown suit with every eye color and adds a dimension to its characteristics while black can be hard and is difficult sometimes. Along with this, if you do not have a color mask and want one, then you can easily than before have but to apply a mask of black eyelashes and after it dries apply a powder color of your choice on the tabs can give the appearance of eyelashes

colors Tip 10: Apply Lip Balm.

One of the easiest ways and simple to get attractive eyes is becoming daily routine simply look at a bright simply apply the balm labial regular eye shadows. A single stroke of lip balm on eye shadow with your fingers can transform your appearance and the like can be made with the lips also by applying lip balm on the lips matte finish can seem so fascinating.

Tip 11: Apply blush

Apply blush in a way so that it can to emphasize your best features and defines its cheekbones. Try using a cream blush and apply it with your fingers for a more natural look, but before finding the right place and how you can find is your smile.

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