10 Foods to increase their body weight

10 Foods to increase their body weight ;

Although most people want to lose weight, in part, only want to gain weight. This could make the first group of ‘jealousy’. But for those who are weak, this program can be a challenge. No medical reasons, thin people have a fast metabolism system, so sometimes it is very difficult for them to increase their weight.

10 Foods to Increase Your Body Weight

There are many reasons why someone wants to gain weight, start to improve appearance, improve self-esteem, increase muscle mass, to health reasons. For they will study ways to gain weight in a healthy way. It is true that soft drinks contain a lot of sugar and a variety of junk food will gain weight, but certainly not good for the body in the long run.

The best way to add weight is to eat a healthy -and, of course, as well as pay attention to calories that enter the body. Here are 10 foods that will be able to add some weight in a healthy way.

1. Red meat
If you want to gain weight, increase your intake of red meat. For example, meat, containing a lot of protein and iron. a high fat content in each cut necessary. In addition, there are also ribs, sausage, beef, soup chunks of beef tenderloin, and so on. These foods are high in cholesterol, and is suitable for their needs.

2. pure cow milk
Replace milk with whole milk. Especially for those of you who used to consume skim milk (fat). You need to help put on weight. In addition, pure cow milk is very nutritious, especially vitamin A and vitamin D. Fortunately, you can use milk in many ways like mencapurnya with cereal, oatmeal, or in the form of a glass of milk to drink. If you are used to drinking coffee, use whole milk as creamernya.

3. Peanut butter
Peanut butter is packed with protein and fat, so it is suitable for those who want to gain weight. A tablespoon of peanut butter contains 100 calories and 4 grams of protein. In addition to peanut butter: Rich in folic acid, magnesium, vitamin E and vitamin B3. You can enjoy with bread or oatmeal. Peanut butter, delicious and healthy. Whether to gain weight. When choosing peanut butter products, choose products that are natural and pure, without the high sugar content and other additives.

4. Tropical fruits
living in tropical countries like Indonesia, losses otherwise exploit various tropical fruits is excellent for weight gain. Call papaya, mango, banana and pineapple, which has a high natural sugar content. These fruits will also give more energy every day. Add as many fruits in their daily eating patterns. Not to worry, because there are no people become overweight due to eating fruit.

5. Avocados
Avocados is very good to increase your intake of healthy fats in your body. Avocado contains high calories, such as potassium, folic acid, vitamin E and vitamin B. You can enjoy it as an ingredient in salads or made of pure fresh juice. Delicious and healthy, is not it?

6. Whole wheat bread
consume a great diligence bread to start to gain weight in a healthy manner. Especially the bread of pure wheat. In contrast to the usual pieces of white bread we eat as a child, healthier wheat bread for nutritional content. Whole grain breads contain fiber or fiber and some minerals that are not owned ordinary bread. These advantages will keep you full for longer and energy, and healthier for digestion.

7. Butter
There is nothing more enjoyable plus butter for cooking. Make the dish more calories and of course more enjoyable. Butter contains healthy fats (unsaturated fats) is high, so it can be used at every opportunity. Use as supervisor on bread or frying eggs at breakfast.

8. Nuts
Peanuts are an excellent appetizer to increase their weight. The fat content and nutritional abundance. Although there are many types of nuts that contain different nutrients, but almost all of them, either in order to add weight. Especially almonds, which is very healthy. In addition, there are peanuts, green beans, peas, and so on.

9. Cheese
Cheese is a favorite food in many places. Almost always they can be mixed in a variety of dishes. Cheese contains all the nutrients that are owned by the milk because the cheese is a dairy. Make your cheese bread as content or mix it with eggs at breakfast. You can even eat immediately as a ‘snack’, because the cheese is very high in protein.

10. Potatoes
For people who want to lose weight, the first is to avoid carbohydrates. In contrast to those of you who want to gain weight, you should add carbohydrates in your diet. The key is to choose the type of carbohydrate that has nutritional value. Potatoes are the perfect choice as it contains high protein plus fiber or fiber and vitamin C in abundance. Eating potatoes with skin for a more optimal feeding. When the potatoes have been peeled, the protein is reduced by more than half. A simple way is to clean and boil the potatoes, then you can consume potatoes ‘intact’ once they have been cooked.

In addition to the intake of a healthy diet and proper exercise will also help increase your metabolism so that your appetite will increase. fitness program or gym and lifting weights can also help the body build muscle and provide space for proteins involved in the body.

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