10 Effective ways to use concealers for oily skin and acne

10 Effective ways to use concealers for oily skin and acne ;

The condition of women may face problems facial skin when under period puberty. The occurrence of acne, oily skin with more common during this age of puberty. These facial skin problems are only temporary and can be used in skin cosmetics and home corrector concealers to hide their acne scars and dark skin in their facial limits. These skin cosmetics are affordable and can be purchased through e-store to get more discounts and offers. Home remedies are easy to do at home from available sources in your home kitchen and garden.

Concealer for oily skin with acne

1. Buy cosmetic facial skin care

If you are working person, then you need more protection from the sun. You have to calculate the time it is on the outside and buy a skin concealer with SPF of 15 or higher or whatever SPF calculation matches your skin. Concealers with SPF give full protection from sunlight. It also works all day; even it is outside all day.

2. skin care cosmetics Herbal Buy

If your skin is allergic to chemical, you can go natural by purchasing herbs correctors. These are available in herbal stores and e-shops. They are very simple to apply and have a cooling effect as well. They are the best when it comes to oily skin with acne scars or rashes. They are easy to apply and easy to wash your facial skin.

3. Butter and facial skin care

Butter is the best source of skin moisturizer. It has the properties of talcum powder hold for a long duration so that the foundation can withstand strong throughout the day. You can apply butter on your face and rinse with warm water. Do not use soap, butter just wipe with a tissue. Then put some talcum acne marks first. Then apply talcum powder as usual in the care of acne eruption areas. You can see that hide under the talcum powder.

4. Aloe Vera and Facial Skin Care

Aloe Vera is a natural correction. This is due to its gel-like properties. Breaking an offshoot of Aloe Vera and extract gel. gently apply the gel so that extend across the skin of the face. Thereafter, you can apply concealer herbal.

5. Argan oil and Facial Skin Care

Using argan oil is best when it comes to correcting skin . Apply argan oil on your face lightly. Thereafter, take some clay fuller’s earth and apply on acne eruptions. Then gently extend the clay with a brush so that saved throughout the facial area and bring the color tone of the right skin.

6. Milk and Facial Skin Care

Milk has excellent properties to hide oily skin and acne marks. You have to apply cold milk and wait a while before it comes to cleaning them. You may feel a natural protection rather than facial skin. Can applying any skin care herbal. The layer of milk only hides your oily skin.

7. Buy Branded Correctores

There are many proofreaders available in stores cosmetics. It is advisable to buy a brand, which has good opinion among users. You have to choose the right shade and chemicals suit your skin. All last correctors come with UVB protection. They are available from SPF 15 to SPF 50. You can choose sticks, paste and gel form, of new brand available in electronic stores and skin cosmetics stores.

8. Fenugreek and skin Concealing

Fenugreek is the best way to sue on hot summer days. Make a paste of fenugreek and apply to the skin of the face. You have to rinse, when you feel you are becoming dry. When washing fenugreek paste with warm water, you can feel a fresh or as a layer on the skin of the face protection. They naturally hide their oily skin and acne eruptions.

9. Apply the emulsifying wax

The use of emulsifying wax gives stable properties to hide oily skin and acne on the skin of the face . You can apply a cosmetic herbal or light later to hide your acne marks. They hold cosmetics for a longer period.

10. Make correctors mix at home

Take jojoba oil, argan oil, the cocoa powder and clay fullers earth and mix according to your facial needs. This mixture is a natural moisturizer, skin protector and a natural skin corrector. Apply this paste on the layer below, and wipe with a tissue. You may feel a rich smooth skin and acne scars will not be visible. This is also possible to hide oily skin. Mix products are available in herbal stores as a package. It is advisable to choose the right ingredients.

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