The boyfriend hit her almost to death for 10 hours: The message is registered in the hospital now spread worldwide



24-year-old Darien Amacker is normal young man who enjoys life and turns his hobby into a business. But what her boyfriend has a bad day and surprised everyone. He hit for 10 hours, but she survived!
While I was still lying in the hospital bed, he decided to share this great story to help others. And he did it with video footage of Facebook, which was sent She described exactly what all happened
“Hello” to the National Coalition Against Violence Against Women. . “- My name is Darien few days after.” Thanksgiving “My love has become schizophrenic and brutally beat 10 hours He planned it; I was supposed to die survived or escaped, call it what you want and.. I spent four days in the hospital, swollen eyes closed, wondering why, why …
Physically I am fine now ?; love my ex is officially accused by the Tribunal and that it will be many years in prison .
I asked my doctor why I look different in the mirror, assuming that it is a result of psychological brutality. She told me gently all my bones are broken and, therefore, my face looks different, which is now spreading to a half inch
I spent my life collecting stories of people .; I am singer, photographer, writer. I create things. I things. for the first time I met an inhuman history I am deeply moved.
usually do not record video images of myself, but that’s what I wanted to do in the hospital. I insisted – I thought it was very important, and this is one of my small triumph to do something to save what you can out of my broken heart
Domestic violence is an issue that should not be covered .. It affects many people you know, good people, people who sing, they love. We as a people need to be better, stronger, more enjoyable. We who love, we must not allow violence. We are alive we have to deal with life. “
Word of these brave women are really touching They remind us that we must not look away from these horrible things that lurk everywhere, even when nobody expected


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