Prince Charles gave the daughter of his friend in a luxurious wedding ceremony


The friendship really means? Prince Charles showed how companionate which may be at a recent event. In fact, it was his best friend, best man and godfather of Prince William, Lord Brabourne he was too ill to give his daughter away. You already know the rest of the story, Prince Charles was the one who came and gave Alexandra the groom.

Prince Charles was the best man at the wedding own Lord and also serves as his godfather.

This day was so special for Alexandra Knatchbull and Prince Charles was here to support you every step.

Among the guests was itself the queen and her husband Prince Philip.

on the guest list he was also Prince Anne.

bride was stunning in her white dress with short sleeves and accessories intricate lace veil as she walked down the hall to her boyfriend Thomas Hooper.

and from the look of Prince Charles we can safely say that his was proud and honored by his dear friend walking with Alexandra.

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