Using honey as medicine

Most people do not think much about honey, unless they happen to see a bee out gathering pollen or want to something sweet in your coffee or tea. However, honey has some amazing medicinal properties and can treat a variety of diseases.

Again and again, honey has proven effective in everything from wound healing to help treat pain. Most of the time, honey can be used alone to treat certain conditions, but also combined with other treatments as well. These are some of the ways you can use honey as a medicine.


Honey heals wounds and prevents infections

milder wounds heal by themselves, but sometimes they can become infected and larger wounds are a major danger. However, honey is a powerful substance when it comes to healing wounds, scrapes, burns and cuts.

This is due to several useful properties of honey, including: sealing the wound so that the contaminated materials do not get in and cause an infection, kill bacteria and preventing the growth due to the acidity and inhibition of bacterial growth due to low humidity.

In laboratory studies, honey has been shown to accelerate healing of various body parts. Help create new blood vessels to replace those that are damaged or repair the damage, helps the production of collagen and accelerate cell also formations.

This is because when honey is able to keep the enzymes and proteins that actually make the healing into the wound because the joint created is used than honey and the fact that adds nutrients to the tissue trying to grow back.

Moreover, inflammation and swelling both down when honey is used. In some cases, scarring is minimized or avoided with this amazing product made by bees.

Medical Grade Honey

You can get honey from almost anywhere, but some types work better than others, and there are some honey products out there that have been removed and bacteria.

This is known as medical-grade honey and is produced under strictly controlled conditions to ensure that it can be safely used for medical purposes.

The antibacterial property of medical-grade honey has been tested in a variety of bacterial infections in the lab with very positive results. Infections such as cellulitis (Staphylococcus), E. coli and Enterococcus faecium were killed within 24 hours in the lab with medical-grade honey.

Cough drops of honey:

Honey is also a popular product to put in cough drops, as it seems to soothe the throat and help minimize cough better than almost any other substance there. Leading manufacturers of cough drops and Vicks and the use of honey in their Ricola cough drops, combined with other ingredients such as menthol and various ingredients for flavor. Often it combined with honey lemon cough drops, and many people make their own home.

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