Top 5 home remedies for teeth whitening

Top 5 home remedies for teeth whitening ;

Would you like to have a younger look? You want to have the sky startled smile? In improving your smile and eyes, teeth play a minor role, but it is certainly an effective role. Good teeth resemble the personality of a person and can change the overall appearance. Today scientifically if you look around, dentist can flood with huge teeth whitening treatment. Laser treatments are the most popular today that can eradicate the yellowish layer of teeth and can give smile spray. But the question is, do you really want or visit the dentist? Are you ready to spend money on teeth whitening treatment? If not, then look for home remedies for teeth whitening.

Yes, you heard right. Teeth whitening treatments can be performed at home with some remedies grandmother. People used to have dazzling white teeth in ancient times as well and the reason behind this was his oral care that included some home remedies.


• Use strawberry and win every day shining teeth.

• Strawberry has malic acid.

• Malic acid is also used in many toothpastes and thus using fresh strawberries can be beneficial.

• The strawberry juice must remain on the teeth for about 2 minutes.

• For this you can rub strawberries on your teeth cutting it into pieces.

• Or you can mash and then apply it as a medicine to teeth.

• Strawberry is rich in fiber that cleans teeth and eradicates the bacteria of the same.


• Carrots are natural stain remover, as they are rich in vitamin C.

• saliva is a cleaning agent of the mouth and carrot has the capacity to increase the creation of saliva.

• Carrot has the capacity to kill bacteria that affects the gums, such as creating odor bacteria in the mouth.

• Carrot can be used by rubbing the teeth for teeth looking bright.

carrot is an effective stain removing agent.


• lemon possess high constituent of citrus in it reproduces the saliva.

• lemon can act as a bleaching agent to whiten your teeth. • Rinse your mouth with a mixture of water and juice of half a lemon.

• Follow this procedure twice in a week.

• Note :. Do not abuse lemon or otherwise you could damage your teeth

Cheddar cheese

• The Cheddar is a hard cheese unlike other soft cheeses and eat it helps in removing stains from the mouth.

• Cheddar cheese consists of vitamin D and calcium.

• The eradication of other food particles from the teeth by means of this cheese can prevent tooth staining, leading to teeth whitening.

Sodium Bicarbonate

• You can usually find baking soda in their toothpaste.

Best 5 Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening • Sprinkle baking soda on top of the dough and brush your teeth, because it is effective whitening agent.

• Twice in a month, you can brush your teeth with baking soda only.

• It is said that baking soda is acid neutralizer because it becomes attack directly to the stain.

important advice for you is not never drink the juice directly instead of using straw so that the juice is transferred directly into the stomach through the mouth preventing interaction teeth to it.

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