Tips to make your hair grow faster and stronger

Everybody likes her hair to look good and care. But sometimes, he realizes that what seems duller, weaker, and what is worse, it just grows. This often makes investing in expensive treatments. However, there are simple remedies you can do at home. Do you want to know about them?

ides simple to make your hair grow healthy and strong

1. Internal Care: Diet


An external treatment must be complemented by good internal health, so it is essential that you improve your diet and take certain ingredients in your routine. What are they

  • Vitamin B 😕 This is found in most green leafy vegetables. Make salads rich in spinach, watercress, lettuce, broccoli, arugula. fruits and dried beans are also great
  • Vitamin C :. How about starting the day with orange juice? Kiwis, mangoes, papaya, grapefruit and are also excellent.
  • Feel free to make healthy infusions bases ginger green tea, horsetail, white tea and beneficial.

2. Remedy rosemary and olive oil


This implies striking natural elements that nourish the scalp to the full, stimulate hair growth at the same time. Invigorates, stimulates and nourishes

A very useful application :. Massaging with this mixture twice a week. How? Very easy. Put two tablespoons of rosemary essential oil and half a cup of olive oil and heat for two minutes in the microwave. If you do not have the essential oil of rosemary, you can be replaced with an infusion which has two branches of rosemary and a half cup of water. Then add the olive oil. Let this mixture sit for two hours. When ready, massaging the scalp after shampooing. Let stand for 10 minutes and rinse.

3. The magic of natural oils and avocado

Avocado conditioner

In order to do this treatment, it will take half avocado and a capsule of vitamin E. You can find vitamin E in pharmacies and natural stores and is very good for stimulating hair growth. If you do not have vitamin E, coconut oil is also good.

Take half avocado pulp and make a fine blend with a spoon. Then add a capsule of vitamin E or three drops of coconut oil. Mix well and apply to damp hair for 20 minutes. Then rinse. Very easy. What if it does once a week?

4. Egg and beer Mask

About eggs

This beer and egg mask is an excellent growth stimulator. Not only that, hair is strengthened and gives incredible shine. This is great if done once a week. 3 egg yolks and half a glass of beer are needed. blender used to mix well. Once this is ready, apply it to your hair for 20 minutes. It will be more comfortable if a plastic glove used. Then rinse with warm water.

5. Ortiga water


may surprise, but water nettle has essential ingredients hair toning , stimulating growth and regeneration of it. This is a very old remedy effective. In fact, it is used as a basis for many treatments found in stores and pharmacies.

In order to benefit from them, make an infusion 5 nettles in a cup of boiling water. Bring to a boil and then let it sit for a few minutes. Once it is hot, it can be applied to wet hair and do massage ten minutes. After the time is up, rinse with warm water. You will see how well it goes and notice the effect. This is great for repeat twice a week. Do not hesitate!

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