This flower has anti-tumor properties and anti-inflammatory to fight cancer cells

This flower has anti-tumor properties and anti-inflammatory to fight cancer cells ;

This flower has anti-tumor properties and anti-inflammatory properties to fight with cells cancer

Many people are aware of the small and beautiful flower called calendula. Its bright yellow can not be missed when placed in a bouquet of flowers. What can not be known from this is that this little flower, especially the variety of calendula, can be a real source of better health for many people.


is high in antioxidants

antioxidants are the ingredients that give your yellow marigolds. Antioxidants provide protection by preventing free radicals – molecules that can cause damage – damage to cells. The main danger is that free radicals can alter their DNA and cause cancer.

skin inflammation

WebMd says that the application of an ointment with calendula it can help when the inflammation is due to radiotherapy. You may be able to reduce radiation dermatitis often occurs in people who have breast cancer and are receiving radiation therapy for it.

Helps prevent cancer

A key ingredient used to fight cancer is in marigolds. Lutein, which is an antioxidant in the flower, was applied in a test for breast cancer tumors. The results were reported in The Journal of Nutrition (October 1998), and stated that lutein not only reduced the number of tumors, but also prevented the formation over cancer. The researchers also discovered that even small amounts can provide this benefit. It has also shown an effect on your ability to fight melanoma, leukemia and colon cancer, according to the Academy.

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To help fight cancer, a tea can be made use of flowers dried calendula. Boil water first, then add 1 tablespoon leaves along with an equal amount of the cauda equina.

Wound Healing

Marigolds are excellent to help heal wounds. It can help in promoting new skin and it will help to develop new blood vessels to the area of ​​the wound. It is an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-fungal, and calendula oil is often used to heal wounds, stubborn ulcers, pressure ulcers, rashes – including diaper rash, eczema, and similar problems. It can also be used to treat bee and scorpion bites.

Skin Health

Marigold is an ingredient that is found in many creams, ointments and oils. Nutrition-info says it can help with problems such as sunburn, bites and inflammation, infections, varicose veins, sore throat, mouth sores, and more. Antispasmodic, which can be used to help reduce spasms and cramps, including painful periods. Mixed with a carrier oil, calendula oil can also be used to soothe and soften the skin, says Dr. Mercola.

Helps combat eye diseases

The antioxidants found in many marigolds allow you to help prevent eye problems, including cataracts and macular degeneration. Three of the ingredients are lutein, zeaxanthin and lycopene, which help prevent eye disease.

Some precautions wonders

The only type that should be used for medicinal purposes is the variety of calendula. Other types, including African and French varieties, should not be taken internally. calendula tea can be used for sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, and as a wash for sore eyes.

Some people who have allergies to ragweed, daisies, chrysanthemums and similar plants, should not use calendula. The University of Maryland Medical Center says that women who are pregnant or nursing should not also use it because there is insufficient evidence has been carried out to determine their safety. The plant can also interfere with the ability to conceive. You can also interact with sedatives and medicines for diabetes and hypertension.

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