These two ingredients can heal your colon!

These two ingredients can heal your colon! ; The pharmaceutical companies rake in millions of dollars in pills, which does not work well or have natural substitutes. We’re not saying that some drugs are not necessary, however, remedies that work well (maybe better than pills) have existed for years. You can do a simple search on Google, where you will find thousands of ingredients recovery headaches, muscle aches, arthritis and many other health conditions.

An example of natural ingredients that help in many health conditions are apple cider vinegar and raw honey cedar. They help reduce inflammation, fight infection and aid digestion.

Colón is an area of ​​the body that does not receive much attention. We can not feel pain there, but requires care. A healthy colon, or better known by the name of the large intestine, is vital for proper digestion and elimination of waste.

If the colon is not properly cared for different adverse health conditions can occur. Such conditions are:

-Colitis, or inflammation of the colon (as a result of an intestinal disorder or infection);
-Chron disease, or ulceration of the colon (resulting in inflammation);
-Diarrhea (resulting in the frequent release of feces and settled);
-Polyps, or small and irregular growth (resulting in potentially cancer);
-Colon cancer or colon cancer. Most cases can be prevented through proper screening and care. There are more than 100,000 Americans affected with this cancer.

vinegar cedar and raw honey can help heal the colon

apple cider vinegar cedar is full of vitamins, minerals and fiber that help aid digestion and protect the health of the colon. On the other hand, it is great in relieving acid reflux, fat breakdown, and safeguarding the colon powerful stomach acid. Then it binds toxins and speeds to be eliminated from the body.

Honey is a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that helps defeat the disease. A 2012 study indicated that honey is very effective in relieving sinusitis and other oral problems. It is a valuable nutrient that helps in reducing reflux symptoms by providing a protective layer of the esophagus.

When these two ingredients are mixed together, produce a variety of health benefits for the colon. The power is based on its anti-inflammatory and anti-toxin that helps in removing toxins from the body that damage the colon properties. These two aid

Reduction of inflammation of the intestine;
-AIDS healthy blood circulation;
-Help in age-related symptoms combat;
-Soothes parts of the throat;
-Fights fatigue and promotes energy;
-bind numerous and eliminate toxins in the colon ;.
-To promote healthy and natural digestion is a vital function of the colon

Follow this recipe to clean your colon

Ingredients :.

-2 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar cedar;
-2 Tbsp. raw honey;
-A glass of warm water

How to prepare: Mix honey in warm water and let it dissolve .. Add the ACV

To achieve the maximum benefits it is recommended to drink one glass a day

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