The scientist explains what will happen if your feet wrapped with aluminum foil!

The scientist explains what will happen if your feet wrapped with aluminum foil! ; It has been scientifically shown that aluminum foil can serve as an excellent substitute for expensive chemicals and drugs

healers Both Russia and China have been widely using aluminum foil for its beneficial properties, such as alleviating various health problems naturally.

fascinating healing method has even been described by the psychotherapist Wilhelm Reich, a student of Sigmund Freud, the Austrian eminent neurologist and founder of psychoanalysis.

The extensive evidence gathered by alternative practitioners in over two years shows that the foil has the ability to remove following:

– Burns
– muscle pain
– pain in the spine, neck, arms, knees, feet, joints,
– postoperative scars
– Effects inflammatory


According to AV Skvortsov, a group of Russian scientists

“special resources energy-structuring are used during healing products such as aluminum foil.

the human body contains special stem cells which continuously interact with the Earth field energy.

This field deforms due to various reasons, interrupting the power supply to stem cells.

surface of the sheet reflects the energy field of the Earth and magnified several times as a huge focusing lens, the restoration of altered interactions between cells and the energy field. “

first aid burns

Press or wrapping foil over the affected area can easily relieve pain from burns caused by fire, hot water, steam, oil or other liquids


– first, exposing the burn area cold running water for a few minutes
– .. If your skin has been damaged, absorb water from the wound using a sterile gauze . If the skin has not been damaged, simply wipe the area with a clean, soft cloth
-. once the wound is dry, apply a thin layer of remedy for burns on the affected spot This avoids. the gauze to the wound
sticking -. Take a dry piece of sterile gauze and cover the damaged part of the skin
-. Then cut a piece of aluminum foil and put it on the gauze (if the burn is open) or on the painful part of the skin (if the burn is not open). Wrap the foil around the extremities, in the case of burns include legs or arms
– .. Set the sheet with tape and leave it until the pain goes away

wraps against muscular and joint pain

Chinese and other alternative practitioners recommend foil for therapeutic purposes. This involves treating neck, back, arms, legs and joint pain. It has proved very effective in the treatment of gout, heel pain, sciatica, and rheumatoid arthritis. Last but not least, aluminum sheaths are to relieve pain caused by scar tissues postoperative

Application :.

Place the foil at the point of pain and fix it with a band aids or bandage. Leave for the day or overnight. If the pain involves fingers, elbows, arms, knees or arms, wrapping the sheet around the limb and secure with a band aid, bandage or tape.

perform this procedure in the course of 10 -12 days and take a break for a week or two weeks. If the pain does not submit, repeat the treatment again.

protection after amputation (Ghost) Pain

According to some researchers, the pain usually occurs after amputation of a limb, also known as phantom pain, can be relieved the help of aluminum foil. According to the study of amputees and published in the British Journal of Pain, pain was significantly milder in people whose limbs were wrapped with aluminum foil compared with people you have not used this treatment.

All you have to do is wrap the foil around the amputated body part, secure with tape, and remove when the pain is submitted or gone forever.

treating flu and cold

Treatment foil has proven to be very effective in fighting infections. As a matter of fact, this treatment can help cure coughs within a few days, without the use of over the counter or prescription drugs. To use this anti-inflammatory treatment, adhere to the following instructions:

First, wrap the foil around the feet in 5-7 layers of paper and place or cotton between them. Let’s work close about an hour before removing it. Place a new wrap two hours later, and leave for an hour once more. Make another break of two hours and put the third and final wrap after. This treatment should be performed in the course of a week.

Against Traces of insomnia and fatigue

Every woman wants to look fresh and rested after a sleepless night. Although this seems impossible, the trick used by makeup artists worldwide fame may be more useful.

All you have to do is cut the foil into strips and keep the refrigerator for a few hours. Put the frozen strips in the areas you want to work in, for example, eyelids, cheeks, or the entire face. Let them work for a while, until you feel relaxed.

Believe it or not, this simple trick will help to remove traces of stress, fatigue and insomnia that are usually visible on the face.

Which side to use?

When it comes to this treatment and which side to use, the opinions are divided. Some scientists say that to heat and keep warm should use the shiny side inside, directly on the skin and keep the matte face abroad.

For protection against heat and cooling, you must keep the matte side inside and shine on the outside.

however, another group of scientists believe that both parties are equally effective and no matter which side is used.

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