Suppositories marijuana Provide following interesting move by the Medical Cannabis

Foria, a California company, she found a way to combine two of the biggest problems of this today, women rights and marijuana – in a small machine: a suppository.

Interestingly, the meeting of these issues has led to a treatment that is better than ibuprofen for PMS and menstrual discomfort. The suppository, marketed under the name of relief, consisting of organic and biodynamic THC and CBD (active cannabinoids in the product) and organic cocoa butter. THC and CBD have been chosen for their ability to relax the nerve endings in the pelvis and surrounding areas while blocking the pain and soothing inflammation. The jury is out on whether the product Foria is capable of regulating hormones to the point that the SPM is alleviated permanently, but women who seek an alternative to damage the ibuprofen, antidepressants, or synthetic hormones could do worse to use the THC and CBD in Foria suppositories cramps, mood swings and other menstrual problems.

Why you can

The long-term use of antidepressants and prescription synthetic hormones prevents the body’s ability to produce its own hormones, and prolonged use of ibuprofen may cause kidney and liver damage. herbal remedies such as chaste tree berry, cohosh, dandelion root, and wild yam has been shown to relieve the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

primary relief of PMS marijuana comes from their condition, antispasmodic muscle relaxant and anti-anxiety substance. Foria relief found that these qualities give rise to a significant reduction in the cramping and other menstrual problems. In contrast to conventional PMS relievers, the amount of cannabis used in Foria relief is not sufficient to alter the levels of estrogen.

Why you can not

sounds like it’s worth a try, right? But here’s the bad news: you can not get unless you live in Colorado or California. There is also the question of price and it is unclear how long the works of suppository. At $ 11 each, they have the potential to be quite expensive. There is also the issue of drug testing. Although medical marijuana is legal it is CA and all marijuana is legal in CO, people jobs requiring drug tests negative job will have to be careful with their use.

Details Dirty

Foria is in a unique position with this product – a new frontier, if you will, in marijuana medication. Insertion of drugs instead of ingesting them has the potential of their own problems, although the company is to be transparent with their growing process controls and quality. Not everyone can afford or attain this product. But this is an interesting development in the use of marijuana as medicine, and the state of current flow of marijuana policy, it pays to be prepared.

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