My experiment removal Mole apple cider vinegar worked! (with pictures)

My experiment removal Mole apple cider vinegar worked! (with pictures);

My Apple Cider Vinegar Mole Removal Experiment Worked!

Have you heard about the incredible way to get rid of a mole using only vinegar apple cider and a bandage? Well, I did and I’ve been wanting try using vinegar apple cider for mole removal over a year. I saw a few posts from people who have tried it and it really worked for them with minimal! to my surprise scars, I tried doing a weeks and I found that really works !!

I have documented my experience through images, if you want to try it too!

may be wondering, as I did, if your skin may leave scars or something weird might happen because this way it is too good to be true. Well, so far I can say that I have only minimal rose in the area and it has almost disappeared. There are other online messages that show similar results everyone says that what really worked for them with minimal scarring!

My mole was gone in four days !!! There is no pain involved in all six days from the start of treatment that detached, like a scab! I can not still believe it. When you look at the images were taken every day you can see how it changed the day to day so you know what to expect. (See below)

Why make apple vinegar Mole removal?

I love it yourself natural treatments that can be done in the privacy of your own home! But most of all the fantastic benefits are;

1. It is completely pain-free (at least it was for me),
2. Very cheap and
3. Leave minimal scarring.

I was pleasantly surprised that it does not hurt at all! The area did not even get pain, which makes you wonder if they really work … .. ‘until you see that begin to form a crust.

I had a mole removed by a dermatologist before and this is definitely a much worse … so painful experience and, to me, that left a scar sangria! I am very glad that gave us try apple cider vinegar.


applying vinegar apple cider (ACV) to the mole and covered with a bandage, reapply the ACV daily until the mole crusting (within a few days to a week). The scab should fall without any remnant of the mole. When it falls, it may be slightly pink (as it was for me), but that should disappear overtime.

(In the photos you can see the mole have experimented with it in a mole was raised I had been waiting to remove it for some time..)

What you need:

  • apple cider vinegar
  • cotton swabs
  • Small bandages

How to make a vinegar elimination apple Mole:

* Please note the first day I tried to do this, it was a disaster because I do not use cotton and best band. I had originally tried to do it by cutting a cotton ball and use a patch to cover … but apple cider vinegar lose everything. What a mess, lol! I suggest you do the following instead:

1. Take one of these cotton swabs and pull off the end of the cotton swab. You will be given a small piece of cotton perfect size.
2. Take the cotton ball and dip it in apple cider vinegar, I used type . Squeeze out so it is not completely wet.
3. put directly on the lunar and covered with one of these bands. Only recommended these bandages or something similar, as they are sticky in every way, not only on both sides. As completely blocked in the vinegar and not let it drip and irritate other areas of the skin.
4. Leave on for about 6 to 8 hours, then remove all, change the cotton ball swab, put new ACV and put a new bandage. Now, all I did during the day and not left when I was sleeping. Some people also left on during sleep.

Continue doing this for about 3 to 5 days or until you see a black crust forms. See my pictures below to see how my mole changes every day.

Some people have different methods for the use of apple cider vinegar to remove the mole, such as making holes in the mole with a needle before applying the vinegar, but did not.

This is how my mole changed during the day:

Day 1: In the photo at the top of my post. The image was taken before applying anything to my mole
Day 2 :. After a full day of the application of LCA, and not use it overnight. The mole seemed to become a little red.

Removing Mole with ACV
Day 3: The mole seemed to turn white and a little like crust, with red skin around it. It was not yet quite a scab, so he decided to go ahead with the implementation of it.

Day 3 of Mole Removal
Day 4: It turned black and looked like a scab. So I decided to stop applying anything and just leave it alone. With the hope that the scab fall.

Day 4 of Experiment with ACV
Day 6: The scab fell off, and here is how it looked, slightly pink. But the mole is completely gone !!

Mole is Gone After Using Apple Cider Vinegar
Day 14: This is how it looked 8 days after the scab fell off. The area is a little pink still, I hope fade with time, but my skin is completely flat and smooth, where he was the mole. No indentation at all.

Final Result Using ACV

Overall, I am very happy with the results and would definitely do it again! I’ll add another photo of this post after about one month has passed so you can see how it is healing. My apple cider vinegar mole removal was a success! I definitely recommend using it to remove a remove a mole.

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