12 natural remedies for sunburn and Tan

12 natural remedies for sunburn and Tan ;

12 Natural Remedies For Sunburn And Tan

Summers are here and are out in the sun for a very long time, which means tan . Even those who live in the coldest region tend to get tanned because soaking in the sun very often. However, one can not deny that the tan and sunburn are something that most people have to deal frequently. tanning basically means darkening of the skin, while sunburn is a term used to define a more acute form of tanning.

Usually sunburn is associated with peeling skin, but most of the remedies used for work tanning sunburn too. Here are some recipes and remedies you can try at home to get rid of sunburn and tanning naturally.

Following Natural Remedies for solar and Tan burn:


Nothing works as a natural exfoliant and this remedy it is perfect because it helps to get rid of dead skin cells from the top layer. Soak some dried apricots in warm water for about 10-15 minutes. If you have fresh apricots then you can simply use the pureed fruits on their own. Rub and rub gently around the body and face . To stay for a while and then rinse. Repeat every day for faster results.



Tomatoes contain natural acids that help balance the tan and sunburn . It also contains vitamins, which helps get rid of tan and help you get clearer skin . fresh tomato paste can be applied on the skin or deleted. Can be used in shell and seeds for optimal results.



yogurt and tomato contains natural acids, along with probiotics It does wonders for the skin. the best part is that it has cooling properties also helps you fight the feeling you get because of sunburn and tanning sting. It can be used alone or yogurt mixed with chickpea flour and tomatoes to make a package. Make sure the yogurt is applied for at least 30 minutes for best results.


chickpea flour

One of the best remedies at home to clean the skin, get rid tanning and prevent sunburn damage would chickpea flour or kiss. However, it should be remembered that works best when combined with one or two other ingredients. For example, a thick paste of chickpea flour with tomatoes and curd or yogurt works much better on the skin . You can add a few drops of lemon or lemon juice for added equity. Leave the package to dry, then rinse with cold water.

Gram Flour


Potatoes have natural bleaching agents that not only lightens the skin tone and combat tan, but also aid in the prevention and treatment of stains. can rub the potato slices on the affected areas or also use raw potato juice. However, the juice should remain on the skin for at least 20 minutes. Repeat daily.



Like potatoes, slices or cucumber juice helps to lighten the skin tone. Along with this, cucumber has astringent properties or cooling properties, which relieves sunburn. This works best when implemented with a little lemon juice and rose water drops. leave the package for at least 30 minutes and washed to obtain radiant results.


oats and buttermilk

Want to get some [19459008alivio] instant itching due to sunburn , then combine some oatmeal (you can use oatmeal smoothie T00) and mixed with fresh milk serum. Apply the package before taking a bath and leave for about an hour and a half. Then wash without using any soap.

Oats And Buttermilk

coconut milk or cream

Take some coconut water and keep the application the skin at least 3-4 times a day. You do not have to worry too greasy here because the water usually leaves no residue. However, washing the face after 10-15 minutes. The pulp or Malai coming from coconut also can be used to get clearer skin and removing tan.

Green Coconut Water

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sandalwood Paste

the paste of sandalwood powder or even sweet sandalwood is one of the most suggested to get rid of skin problems after tanning remedies. sandalwood has properties that not only helps your skin to lighten cooling but also prevents rashes and irritation are common after a severe sunburn or tan. Take a sandalwood paste and mixed with a little rosewater to soothe the skin. Leave it on your face until dry and then rinse.

Sandalwood Paste

Coconut oil

Extra virgin coconut oil is easily available in all tropical beaches and it can be found in many homes. If you do not have access to extra virgin coconut oil, then use the normal available. However, especially coconut oils hair meaning should not be used in the body. As regular coconut oil also has soothing and cooling. Apply oil all over his body, but make sure you do not pass the sun, because it causes more damage. Take a bath after a while.

Coconut Oil

raw milk

raw and unboiled milk has been used for centuries to more fair and clear skin . Cleopatra used to soak in a bath to get rid of tanning raw and get a fairer skin milk. Of course, if you do not want to bathe in liters of milk and lose the same means. Simply take a bit of raw milk in a cup and apply to the affected areas with a cotton swab. You can add some rose oil or rose water to it for fragrance. wash with warm water and soap, do not apply after the process.

Raw Milk

Strawberries and orange

strawberries and oranges are rich in vitamins and have a slight acidity to them, which helps get rid of tan and get. brighter skin can use both pulp and make it thick add a little cornmeal or flour gram, even her. Then apply generously all over the body, face or affected areas. Leave on for 20 minutes to read then use some fresh raw milk or even cream scrub off. This get rid of dead skin layers, while providing a soothing affect . If oranges or strawberries are not available, the paste can be done using a fruit too.


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