Put apple cider vinegar on your face and see what happens to toxins, age spots and eczema

Toxins are substances created by plants and animals that are poisonous to humans

If you’re dealing with eczema, do not bother -.! Apple cider vinegar can alleviate the problem quickly and effectively


How is eczema stroke?

Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, malic acid and lactic acid, which has antibacterial and antifungal properties that can fight infections and treat dry skin, swelling and itching. It is also a great source of beta-carotene that can stimulate cell renewal.

ACV is rich in essential vitamins and minerals such as potassium, pectin, sodium, magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorus and sulfur, which can boost your immune system and treat numerous skin diseases. It is also rich in fiber, which can remove toxins that cause the condition above.

Five reasons to wash your face with apple cider vinegar

In addition to treating eczema, vinegar, apple cider can rejuvenate the skin and it can be used as a regular facial wash. However, you should never use undiluted ACV on your face – make a solution of 50% vinegar and 50% water and test it in a place in your skin to see if you are sensitive to it

Here. There are five reasons why you should wash your face with vinegar apple cider

wash your face every day with ACV will reduce your age spots thanks to alpha hydroxy acids that remove dead cells skin and stimulate skin renewal. Soak a cotton ball in a mixture of water-ACV and apply it directly to age spots, then wash your face with cold water after half an hour. Repeat the process twice a day for six weeks and you will be surprised by the results.

  • Combat acne, pimples and blemishes

Why use products for full commercial acne chemicals when ACV can do the same if not better? Its antifungal and antibacterial properties will reduce and prevent acne, pimples and blemishes on the face.

ACV can balance the pH levels of the skin and sebum production. It will prevent your skin from becoming too oily or too dry, so you should use to maintain balance.

wash your face every day with dilute ACV remove all fine lines and wrinkles of the face, making her silky smooth and rejuvenated skin.

regular use of apple cider vinegar will remove all toxins from your face, avoiding further problems.

Using ACV for eczema

There are many ways that you can use vinegar apple cider to treat this condition, but the following are the most effective:

ACV diluted water


2 teaspoons ACV

1 cup water

3 balls of cotton


Mix vinegar apple cider and water in a small bowl, then soak cotton balls in it and apply on your face. Repeat the process until the condition disappears

Note: .. If your skin is too sensitive, mix 1 teaspoon of ACV with half a cup of water

[vinagredesidra Apple bath


Half a cup of ACV

A moisturizer of your choice


Add apple cider vinegar to your bath and soak in it for 15 minutes, then pat dry and apply a moisturizer. For best results, repeat the procedure every day until you see an improvement. The remedy can be further improved by adding a little coconut oil to your bath.

Taking apple cider vinegar orally


1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar

1 cup water


Mix both ingredients and drink the solution 2-3 times a day to strengthen your immune system and alleviate skin conditions such as eczema.

Apple cider vinegar and baking soda soda


2 teaspoons ACV

¼ teaspoon baking soda

1 cup water

1 teaspoon honey (optional)


Add stroke and sodium bicarbonate in water, then mix well and drink the solution every day until you see improvements. You can also add honey to improve the taste.

Apple cider vinegar and honey

This combination has numerous healing properties including the treatment of eczema. Relieves success inflammation and irritation in the affected area, and the antibacterial properties of the ingredients can eliminate any current bacteria.


2 teaspoons ACV

1 teaspoon honey

1 cup water


Add the apple cider vinegar and honey in water and mix well until the honey dissolves. Drink this mixture three times a day during meals until the condition

is resolved. Source: http://www.myhealthylifeteam.com/put-apple-cider-vinegar-face-see-happens-toxins-age-spots-eczema/

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