11 great reasons dehydration makes you sick and Fat


Many people constantly asked the same questions: How much water do we need? Why do we need it? If my weight, the amount of water should I drink to lose a few pounds?
So I take it easy and think that water is the most important for the welfare and will not hurt.
At first the basic advice is to drink about 2.5 to 3 liters of water every day.
However, not everyone held to this routine. You must make the daily grind and drink water regularly.
Some people refuse to drink this water, because it makes them feel bloated.
But to explain better.
I bet you’re one of those people. to drink water only when thirsty
But do you know that dehydration is first, even before your body tells you it is thirsty
according to Dr.Mercola, a normal, healthy person urinate 7-8 times a day. This is extremely important to know how to proceed with their water consumption.

Moreover, I found an infographic that clearly shows all the reasons why you need to stay hydrated all the time.

Source: mamabee.com

Source / reference : http://healthybiofood.com/11-big-reasons-why-dehydration-makes-you-sick-and-fat/

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