66 gifts at home and anyone can make every woman Will Love

66 gifts at home and anyone can make every woman Will Love ;

66 Homemade Natural Gifts Anyone Can Make & Every Woman Will Love

homemade gifts are a great way to show someone you really care. Yes, you could pop into the store and pick up something totally forgettable for them for $ 10, but handmade gift shows love.

Unfortunately, not all homemade gifts you find on the internet are entirely desirable. That’s why in this post have collected 66 of the best bath products homemade, body creams, lotions, scrubs and soaks, lip balms, soaps, perfumes and home fragrance products that any woman would love.

So, whether for Christmas, birthday, Mother’s Day or just to say “Thank you” have it all covered …

Bath Products

Bath collage

homemade bombs by Abeautifulmess.com

lavender and mint bath salts Wellnessmama.com

vanilla honey bath foam Hellonatural.co

honey Lavender Relaxing bath melts Happymoneysaver.com

simple fizzy bath Myfrugaladventures.com

Foam bath salt Theidearoom.net

lavender and coconut milk Bath Soak by Delightedmomma.com

fizzy bath bomb muffins by Makeandtakes.com

Powdered Milk bath Recipe Thehappierhomemaker.com

pumps lemon bath Apumpkinandaprincess.com

cocoa butter bath truffles Porphyrogene.com

body butters and lotions

butter collage

homemade lotion bars Myfrugaladventures.com

Three Ingredient body cream by Hensandhoney.wordpress.com

honey coconut body butter by Humblebeeandme.com

no butterfat lavender body Recipe Soapdelinews .com

mousse magnesium body by Thepaleomama.com

green tea cream bars for the body Lifeannstyle.com

body Bronzing mousse by Thesproutingseed.com

Mango mousse body by Brit.co

Lemon Vanilla body cream by Theclassychapter.com

Stretch Mark Cream by Momtastic.com

Sleeping Rub whipped by Thepaleomama.com

body scrubs and soaks

scrub collage

candy Cane Sugar Scrub by Theidearoom.net

easy homemade Sugar Scrub Bars by Isavea2z.com

homemade facial scrub strawberry Theclassychapter.com

Easy Scrub Hand to Hand satin Myfrugaladventures.com

DIY pumpkin pie Sugar & Spice Body Scrub by Homemakinghacks.com

Coffee Scrub morning by Deliciouslyorganized.com

coconut lime sugar scrub Theidearoom.net

Green Tea sugar Scrub by Inspirebeautytips. com

Sea Salt Scrub hand Hellonatural.co

Oats honey facial scrub Dabblesandbabbles.com

peppermint foot soak by 4hatsandfrugal.com


Lip collage

lemonade DIY Lip Balm by Prettyhandygirl.com

Cream Recipe cocoa strawberry Soapdelinews.com

Three Ingredient cocoa cream Threadedtogether.com

Copycat Lozano Softening lip Balm by Diyjoy.com

5 Minute cocoa cream DIY Theseasonedmom.com

‘Kiss me’ DIY honey sugar Softening Lip Balm Hellonatural.co

Tinted Lip Balm by Lezoemusings.com

Brown sugar Lip Scrub by Craftinge.com

homemade lip gloss by Joythebaker.com

Pretty Pink Tinted lip Balm by Deliacreates.com


soap collage

Rose Soap Winter by Thenerdyfarmwife.com

Liquid soap Organic French lavender Liagriffith.com

Snow soap by Thenerdyfarmwife.com

DIY 10 Minute milk and honey soap by Happinessishomemade.net

sweet almond honey oat goat milk soap by Essentiallyeclectic.com

grapefruit mint Popyseed Bars by Abeautifulmess.com

DIY pumpkin spice soap by Happinessishomemade.net

DIY soap Vanilla coffee Frugalfamilyhome.com

Herbal Soap by Thenerdyfarmwife.com

Soap trips plate Lemonjitters.com

sweet coconut loofa scrub soap bars by Essentiallyeclectic.com


perfume collage

solid perfume by Crunchybetty.com

essential Oil Roll-on Perfume Butternutrition.com

Perfume Locket by Glamourandgraceblog.com


Stress Away Overthrowmartha.com

DIY recipe herbs perfume Wellnessmama.com



Home fragrance collage

Fragrance Mix stove by Myfrugaladventures.com

How to make fragrance oil by Ehow.com

make your own diffuser oils Confessionsofanover-workedmom.com

Bell First Christmas potpourri Lizoncall.com

soothing room spray by Adelightfulhome.com

gel air freshener Bitzngiggles.com

Lavender and Rose Recipe incense Motherearthliving.com

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