Homemade Natural Tick Repellent Spray

Homemade Natural Tick Repellent Spray;

Natural Homemade Tick Repellent Spray


Just a few weeks ticks in Connecticut (where I live) carrying the Powassan virus, found worse than Lyme disease … ..as if not he was already scared enough ticks because of Lyme disease! Lyme disease was first discovered in the town of Lyme, Connecticut. I know many people in my state have been infected with Lyme disease. Therefore, ticks are a major concern here. I try to do everything possible to prevent ticks as much as possible and that includes the use of this natural repellent ticks home.

I’ve been researching all about what can repel ticks and is safe to use without the worry of using toxic chemicals. Therefore, I found a list of essential oils that are more effective in repelling ticks and combine first 4 to make a spray that could easily be sprayed on clothing to keep ticks away.

Ticks are so scary it is easy to opt for the purchase of chemical repellents such as permethrin. However, this mixture using potent essential oils can also be effective to keep away from you!

most dangerous areas for ticks

There are many ticks found in wooded areas, tall grass and shrubs, and even on your lawn. Ticks like to hide in places where there is moisture, meaningful and out of direct sunlight. Trying to avoid these places can help prevent tick bites. Many also recommend putting chips of cedarwood down around all areas of your garden you want to keep free of ticks. Cedar helps keep ticks away. Another great way to keep ticks from your yard, you have chickens, eat a lot every day!

Some people seem to be more susceptible to ticks that attract, like mosquitoes, and I think the chance that one of these people. I have relatives that go into the forest and never receive a tick, but I just go in my backyard and find one walking on my clothes. Some hypothesized that it is due to its smell. If you are sweating more, emit more ammonia, or breathe harder with higher amounts of carbon dioxide, which can attract more ticks. Some people also emit more chemicals than others and this makes them more like a tick that other magnet. Other factors include; age, sex, certain times during the menstrual cycle, and the amount of bacterial flora of the skin.

How this mixture repels ticks

Ticks are attracted to human odors and animals at masking the odor naturally give off and the use of essential oils with strong aromas that this you may discourage ticks and is one of the best ways to keep coming to you or your clothing.

The most important ingredients in this homemade tick repellent are oil rose geranium oil and cedarwood. These two oils are most effective in repelling ticks.

How to Make a Homemade Tick repellent clothing spray:

could also use this repellent spray on the skin, such as the feet and legs, but when I do this, cutting the amounts of essential oils listed below in half. Thus it is less powerful and easier on your skin.

What you need:

Spray bottle
-About a cup of water
-10 drops pink geranium oil
-5 drops cedar oil
-2 to 3 drops lavender oil
-2 3 drops lemongrass oil

* the most important repel ticks rose geranium and cedar, so if you do not have lavender or lemongrass, you can skip these oils .


1. Fill your spray bottle with water. If you have a smaller spray bottle, like a travel size, just cut the amount in half.
2. Add essential oils, put the lid on the jar and shake. It is ready for use
to apply :. Just shake the bottle before each use and spray it on your clothes and shoes. The smell keep ticks away.
** spray on your clothes every time you go out in areas that may have ticks.

Do you have to worry about ticks where you live?

Make Your Own Natural Tick Repellent

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