DIY Bathroom pump Recipe- drop one in your bathroom to relax and Detoxify

DIY Bathroom pump Recipe- drop one in your bathroom to relax and Detoxify;

DIY Bath Bomb Recipe

Are You a shower or bath person a person? I love baths, but I have not had time in recent months and really lost them, they are so relaxing! Last week, however, I caught a virus, so I took a bath every night to reap the benefits of Epsom salts, which help detoxify, boost the immune system, relieve pain and increase magnesium . Besides the addition of Epsom salts to my bathroom, I also like to add a little baking, coconut oil and essential oils for benefits bicarbonate. What is the perfect way to add all these fantastic ingredients for your bathroom? A large bath bomb! They are very popular lately and that sound very cool, like something you would get at a luxury spa. But you can make your own recipe with this bath bomb, which includes all the beneficial ingredients I mentioned above!

beneficial ingredients in the recipe of my bathroom Bomba

This recipe bath bomb combines all the beneficial ingredients in a gaseous sphere. I love to keep them in a glass mason jar with my tub, so when I’m ready for a relaxing bath, all you have to do is throw one of each.

So you may wonder what’s in these bath bombs, the main ingredients are baking soda, Epsom salts, citric acid, and coconut oil. Here is each ingredient with its benefits:

Sodium Bicarbonate – I love to add some baking soda my bathroom, as it helps in the production of toxins from your body. Not only remove toxins but it also helps alkalize your body, helps treat common skin problems, hemorrhoids and fungal infections.

Epsom salts – Many people are deficient in magnesium and Epsom salt baths are a great way to increase magnesium levels! When bathing in Epsom salts, magnesium and sulfates are absorbed by the skin, pulling toxins from your body! Some of the health benefits include magnesium; fighting inflammation, which increases blood flow and oxygenation in improving your body. Only some of the conditions of Epsom salt baths help are; sprains and bruises, athlete’s foot, nail fungus and gout.

Coconut oil – There are so many benefits of coconut oil , so I included as an ingredient in the recipe for my bath bomb! You can get many health benefits by adding it to your bathroom. Not only helps your body by improving your immune system, in the bathroom that helps moisturize and soften skin. It is also very soothing and healing for many skin diseases such as eczema and acne!

Citric Acid / cream of tartar – For this recipe bath bomb I use citric acid, but I have read that many use the cream of tartar in place of this ingredient and works just as well. Citric acid gives the pump is fizzies and is often used as a food additive. It is a natural acid found in fruits and vegetables such as lemon and is what gives fruits or sweet taste bitter.

Optional ingredients:
Essential oils – I added lavender oil for this recipe bath bomb, as it is a calming oil because it is the aroma It helps combat stress and anxiety. Many people spray a mist of lavender oil on the pillow to help sleep.

Food coloring – Without any dye, these bath bombs are a nice bright white. You can add beet juice to the mix or a few drops of natural vegetable dye to get any color you wanted.

easily and save time

Not only this bath bomb recipe easy to do, but saves you the trouble of adding all these separate your bathroom every time you take one ingredients.

When you are ready for your bath all you have to do is pop one of these pumps bath in your tub, see fizz and jump in. They are such a time saver!

This is what you need to make bath bombs:

DIY Bath bomb ingredients

Bath Bomb Recipe


  • 1 cup of baking soda
  • 1/2 cup Epsom salts
  • 1/2 cup citric acid ( see here )
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil ( see here )
  • 3 teaspoons water
  • (optional) 4-5 drops of essential oil (I used lavender oil )
  • (optional) 1/2 teaspoon of beet juice or a few drops of food coloring natural


1. Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl.
2. Mix all wet ingredients in a separate container.
3. Slowly add the wet ingredients to dry while stirring. You may see a little excitement when they start to mix, but that’s okay just keep stirring. Once thoroughly mixed, the mixture should feel like wet sand.
4. Optional :. Add in beet juice / natural food coloring and mix well
5. You need something to form the bath bomb as a mold. I used a muffin tin that had beautiful flower shapes ( see it here ). Once you have your template, add a few drops of olive oil for each individual muffin mold and rub around the area. This will allow the pumps out easier. (I tried using coconut oil in some of them, but what a mess! I could not get them out.)
6. Add the mixture bath bomb muffin pan and press firmly. The pumps will expand, so do not fill each muffin to the top area.
7. Leave out at room temperature for at least 3 hours or until dry / hard to the touch. Depending on your size, you may have to leave them out overnight.
8. Done! Have fun making this recipe bath bomb and enjoy your bath bombs!

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