Wish list … make your dreams a reality


Your wish list is a summation of their ultimate goals – a wish list of classes. Enloquecer! Contact your ambitions, relations with finances to holidays -. Anything goes

Step 1: Start writing down your desires. You can start simply, and soon ideas start flowing out of you. Use intense, yes, such as “I want …” “I wish …” or “I propose …”

language. Example: I want to drive across the US

Step 2: When you have fulfilled a desire, check it off your list and write a thank you note who helped him complete his wish – which could be thanking themselves . same

Example: Thanks, mom and dad

Step 3 . Put the list in a place where it is seen that, as in your refrigerator, and add her new desires as they arise. Extra credit: mounting on a large blackboard in clear view and write their wishes on it

Step 4 . Recognize that it might take time to complete their list. Enjoy the process of fulfilling their goals and dreams! Once you are clear about the things you want, they will come to fruition!

The ideal partner

This is a tool that can create a clear list of what you really want in all aspects of your life – whether an apartment, a job, a relationship or a regular exercise routine. Use this to break your wish list and realize more fully what its ultimate objectives are.

. Step 1: Choose what you want to manifest, and write on top of a sheet of paper

Example :. My ideal


Step 2: List of all the things your ideals should have. Be specific.

Example :. large bathtub, large refrigerator, air conditioning, three blocks from the subway

Step 3 : list all the things that your ideals preferably will

. Example:. A dishwasher, a washing machine, an office, hardwood floors

Step 4 :. List all the things your ideal should not have

eg. Rats, roaches, leaks, and thin walls

Step 5 :. List of all the things your ideal preferably not have

Example :. Noisy neighbors, above the third floor, away from grocery stores

Write your goals and desires helps to imagine more clearly in his head. It gives you something specific to work toward. I always say – A goal that is not written down is just a wish

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