10 The most common causes of lower back pain right

10 The most common causes of lower back pain right ;

There are a lot of people who suffer from lower back pain right, but most people ignore the pain of thinking that the pain will go away with time. People who suffer regular back pain may be more determined to get rid of the pain.

If you are suffering from lower back pain right, you know you must think of ways how you can get rid of pain quickly. How will you be able to do that if you do not know the root cause of pain? Knowing where the pain will allow to know the treatments should consider so that over time, you can get rid of pain and can live your life normally again comes.

Symptoms of Lower Right Back Pain

Lower Right Back Pain

know the symptoms of pain you feel in your lower back will allow it realize when it should be more serious about getting rid of pain. These are the things you can experience: ..

  • Some parts of the back can be painful to the touch
  • Difficulty moving even simple activities like sitting and walking [19459012
  • ] spasms Mucle

Even if you do not experience the symptoms listed above, but you are suffering from lower back pain right to know the real cause of pain. You may be surprised with the conditions that are causing your discomfort.

10 causes of right lower back pain

  1. Muscle Strain

There are cases where you would experience the muscle tension especially because you have done something that has caused a problem with the muscles of the lower back straight. There are several causes of muscle tension. It may be because you have done some elevation and its position was not correct, while he was doing lifts. You may have made sudden movements that caused his muscles to work appropriately.

  1. Sciatica


The sciatic nerve is located on the back of the legs. Sometimes, there are some moves that would make the sciatic nerve becomes compressed. When this happens, a person develops sciatica. It is evident that when a person has sciatica, pain usually starts from the lower back toward the knees, because this is all for coverage of the sciatic nerve. There are various symptoms that are related to this condition. For example, the cough may worsen the pain. People usually have more difficulty trying to move his legs because of the condition

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  1. degenerative disc disease

There are cases in the lumbar discs becomes problematic and begins to decompose. This condition actually affects people who are 20 or higher. Usually, as the condition worsens, people with this condition have more difficulty walking, as they find it more difficult to stabilize themselves. At the same time, the pain caused by inflammation can be unbearable. The only fortunate thing about this condition is that there are several treatments for this so that it can be prevented once the condition has been checked.

  1. ístmica Spondylolisthesis

Isthmic Spondylolisthesis

This It is a condition that usually occurs in children, but usually, the condition begins to manifest only when a person reaches the age of 20 years or more. This condition is caused when the vertebra slips forward and disk falls below it. This is actually a common condition and can cause lower back pain right. It can also cause some pressure on some nerves that can worsen the pain.

  1. spinal fracture

There is a possibility that adults suddenly felt in the lower back and the pain is not only one type of pain deaf, sometimes it can be severe. The fracture may be caused by the simplest things, such as a sneeze or cough. Primarily, this is because the bones have degenerated and pressure caused the fracture.

  1. Osteomyolitis

This is a type of infection that people usually experience when bacteria gets into the spine. Usually, there are different reasons why people become more susceptible to bacteria. Older people are more prone to this type of condition. People who do drugs are also likely to have this type of condition and this is also the same with people who have problematic immune systems. There are also times when people become more prone to this because of another health condition.

  1. Herniated Disc

Herniated Disk

This is probably one of the causes more common low back pain that can be felt on the right and left of the lower back. This can be caused by injury or a sudden movement. Sometimes, people who have this do not realize that they already have this condition. There are times when the herniated disc can be severe. It can be said that has to be taken to hospital immediately if you have lost control of their bowels or can not move due to this condition.

  1. fractured spine

may be other parts of the body can be broken but if the spine is fractured, this may be a very serious condition. This can happen when people have just gone through an accident or sudden movement. People who are over 60 years old may be more prone to these kinds of conditions. You can say that you have a spinal fracture if every move you make is simply painful. This is an emergency situation and if you think you have a spinal fracture, make sure you will try your best to not move because you have to be taken to hospital.

  1. Kidney pain

Kidney Stones

Since the kidneys are located near the rear, the rear is affected if there is something wrong with one or both kidneys. The kind of pain that can be felt in the lower back may be on the left side or the right side in kidney function is affected. There are several reasons why the kidney may be causing the pain. It may be due to kidney stones or some type of kidney infection. After checking by the same doctor will let you know which treatments can be done to get rid of kidney disease

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  1. Pregnancy

This It is especially true in the latter part of the quarter, when his back may be strained due to take your baby. It’s normal ligaments in some areas back to stretch and swell but can usually reduce pain by applying warm compresses to the lower right back if that’s the part that cause discomfort. If in case the pain persists, it is the time you should consult your doctor immediately.

Clearly there are many different causes of pain in the lower right back. There are some types of pain that may be too severe, but sometimes they are only caused by conditions that can be easily cured. However, this does not mean that the aches and pains deaf should be ignored because it can mean other serious conditions that must be reviewed and diagnosed by your doctor immediately. By the time you know what is causing your back pain, you can find the right treatments in order to become cured

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