Taking sesame seeds for anemia

Taking sesame seeds for anemia ;

Sesame Seeds For Anemia

anemia is a disease caused by deficiency of iron in our body. Because of this, hemoglobin and red blood cells decreases to a very low amount leads to many kinds of health problems. It affects the supply of oxygen to the body in a very bad way. Women are common victims of this disease because of menstruation and pregnancy. People who are deficient in folic acid also suffer from anemia. Affected individuals have tiredness, fatigue, headache and dizziness. The skin becomes pale and no hair loss and blood pressure problems. The heartbeat becomes very fast and the patient suffers from a lack of energy. Sesame seeds can help in the fight against the problem of anemia quite well. Its consumption helps boost iron levels in the body. We will explain how you can use.

Here are some tips on how to use sesame seeds for anemia are as follows:

seeds tahini

basic ingredients

the basic ingredients for the remedy is a teaspoon of sesame seeds. It takes some water so that you can dip sesame. a natural sweetening agent is also required as honey. Gather all of these ingredients.

method of making tahini

Take a bowl of water. Add the sesame seeds. Let it stay that way for at least two hours. After that, separate the seeds from water by the effort of her. Using sesame seeds black for this remedy. Grind the seeds in a food processor so that you get your pasta. For a sweet taste, mix a small amount of honey to it. Consume tahini. Do this twice a day.

Sesame Seeds Paste

sesame flavored milk

basic ingredients

the ingredients for the second resource are one teaspoon of black sesame and sweetener near a natural spoon as honey. Some people like to use brown sugar. You need a cup of milk and a little warm water.

method of making sesame milk

Fill a bowl with warm water. Add the sesame seeds. It is allowed to remain submerged for at least 2 hours. After that, use a food processor to grind the seeds. Use a sieve to strain the mixture. Add the warm milk. For a sweet taste, mixing a very small amount of honey. Consuming the drink. It is a milk-flavored and very good for combating the symptoms of anemia. Make this remedy once every day.

Sesame Flavored Milk

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