How to return when you do not know where to begin

How to return when you do not know where to begin ;

How to Give Back When You Don't Know Where to Start

Over 95% of American households actively give to charities, with statistics indicating continued growth in contributions. If you want to turn, but either are not sure you are able to do so or just do not know where to start, consider that most organizations that accept monetary donations are also in need of volunteer time . Regardless of how much you can give, no amount of money or time is too large or too small. Here are some ways to get started.

find the right cause

can be incredibly satisfying work to support a cause that has meaning for you. Whether you are attracted to a particular topic based on their own life experiences or simply realize that the mission of a charity really pull your heartstrings, try to find an organization that inspires and moves.

Do your research

To ensure that you are investing in a reputable organization, use free websites like Star Guide and Charity Navigator-these sites exist to provide background information for registered charities. It contains a database of nearly two million IRS records for non-profit organization, provides a transparent Star Guide to executive pay and the percentage of funds returned to a cause eye. Meanwhile, Charity Navigator publishes a classification system based on accountability and financial health. With so many charities to choose from, it pays to make sure your time and money actually go to the cause you want to support (instead of lining someone pockets).


Several companies offer “return” programs, usually in the form of tax-deductible donations taken directly from wages. This financial contribution can be easily configured through most of human resources or payroll departments. Some companies also allow employees to convert vacation time in charitable contributions and donations can be compared even to a certain dollar amount.

Word of mouth

Ask friends and family to share information about their favorite organizations, along with personal experiences. This is a great way to become familiar with a number of causes, and opens opportunities to form and bond equipment at events. Giving is contagious, before you know it, it will be their turn to pay forward the lesson that the gift is in the delivery.


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