Blackstrap molasses using for anemia

Blackstrap molasses using for anemia ;


Iron deficiency in our body makes the problem of anemia. Because of this, the affected person suffers from fatigue, fatigue, pale skin and many other symptoms. The person feels very weak with low energy levels. The diet can help combat the problem of anemia quite well. Make some changes in our eating habits is the key to solving this problem. Molasses is a full color dark liquid nutrients. It is obtained after sugar cane juice turns into sugar. The juice is boiled for sugar. The molasses is a byproduct of this procedure. Its glycemic index is very low and molasses contains high amounts of iron. It contains folic acid and minerals such as manganese and magnesium. It can help reduce problems caused by anemia by increasing the iron in our body. We will explain the uses of this sweet product. Use the molasses in any of the following ways.

Here are some tips on using blackstrap molasses for anemia are as follows:

Use as Sweetener

Molasses is a natural sweetener. It can be used instead of other sweeteners like sugar. Instead of adding white sugar to food and drinks you take, you should use molasses.

Use As Sweetener

Use with daily food

You can mix molasses with daily food you eat. It is mixed with oatmeal and other cereals for breakfast consumed. Add it to hot cereal instead of regular sugar that usually takes.

Use With Daily Foods

Use with water

Take along molasses with running water. It will help in increasing the levels of iron in the body therefore provide relief in anemia. Mix honey with water and drink it. You can also mix with hot water and consumed.

Use With Water

use with milk

Milk can help reduce the symptoms of anemia when taken together with molasses. Heat the milk and add honey to it. The amount of molasses should be a teaspoonful and the amount of milk should be a cup. Mix well and consume milk. Doing this remedy once or twice a day. Pregnant women can get relief from anemia make this remedy. It is also suitable for nursing mothers.

Use With Milk

Use flavored milk

Tea and coffee are the drinks we take every day. These drinks are not healthy. Instead of drinking caffeinated beverages, you can prepare flavored milk mixing molasses with almond milk. Some people like to add it to soy milk. In this way, you can make a healthy drink with molasses.

Use With Flavored Milk

Use with yogurt

Apart from milk, may take blackstrap molasses with other dairy foods such as yogurt. Add the molasses to a bowl of yogurt and eat it. Do this every day. Yogurt contains a lot of calcium and when combined with molasses, which helps to reduce problems caused by anemia. So take molasses with yogurt.

Use With Yogurt

Use With Citrus

Vitamin C in citrus fruits helps in iron absorption. Therefore, you should eat the waste molasses with citrus fruits. Oranges, lemons, strawberries and tomatoes are some foods that contain vitamin C. Take these foods with molasses. You can take honey with citrus juice.

Use With Citrus Fruits

Use apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains acid and provides relief in anemia when taken together with molasses . For this resource, you need about two tablespoons of molasses. Mix with vinegar. Add water and consume. The amount of vinegar should be two spoons and the amount of water should be a cup. Stir well, mix and drink.

Use With Apple Cider Vinegar

Caution: Use home remedies after proper research and guidance. You agree that you are following any advice at your own risk and will consult properly investigate or health care professional.

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