11 Ways to make less waste This year

11 Ways to make less waste This year ;

11 Ways to Make Less Trash This Year

While it’s great if you have a reusable water bottle or make a habit of recycle their cartons, the truth is that there is much more you can do for the environment. From the kitchen to the bathroom and beyond, there are plenty of creative ways to adopt a more sustainable way of life. If you want to make 2016 the greenest year, however, follow these eleven tips to reduce waste in all areas of your life at home.

1. Replace detergent with soap nuts

When you’re washing your clothes, try using soap nuts instead of detergent plastic bottles. These peels of berries naturally contain a type of soap called saponin, which removes stains and removes dirt. This may sound strange, but really work! All you need to do is put soap nuts in a cotton bag, soak in hot water for 3-5 minutes, then put on his clothes.

2. Become a compostable brush teeth

Most toothbrushes have to be discarded when worn, but toothbrushes sustainable bamboo are a different story. Apart from the nylon bristles, each part of the toothbrush bamboo can be composted!

3. Make your own articles

Too shower gels, moisturizing creams and the like packaged in containers that are only partially recycled (or, indeed, are not recyclable at all). To solve this problem and reduce their exposure to potentially toxic chemicals, look in the manufacture of their own items. This is an exciting and fun process may be surprised by the amount of potential ingredients you already have in your home.

4. Opt for reusable shaving razors

Of course, disposable razors can be very convenient, but they are not so kind to the planet. Instead, invest in an electric shaver of good quality, or consider a safety razor. The latter can be tricky getting used to at first, but usually delivers great results.

5. Go reusable cloths

Just think of the amount of disposable cloths you have worked through your life so far! You can make your home environmentally friendly (and save money) by making or buying washable cloths. If you ensure that the panels are made from natural materials, including cloths you can be composted when worn.

6. Bring your own food container when output

Whether you’re picking up some tasty Chinese food or just want to take home the leftovers after a meal, make sure you have a reusable container (preferably stainless steel) with you. In this way, you will not have to accept the disposable containers that restaurants tend to offer.

7. Bring a reusable coffee cup

Most major coffee chains used vessels end up going directly to a landfill after your latte is finished. Consequently, it is worth taking the time to buy a good reusable cup that can be filled either at home or have a store with you. Some of the best have a protective cover around the middle, which help prevent your fingers from getting scalded!

8. Swap liquid shampoo for a solid bar

solid shampoo bars take plastic bottles out of the equation, which significantly reduces the amount of waste you produce in a year. They come in a variety of scents and formulations, so you are sure to find one that suits your hair type. For example, as Lush stores (which sells handmade cosmetics) is likely to have a wide range of these bars.

9. Get mesh bags and cloth for food

While you are being applauded by stock up on fruit and vegetables at the supermarket, it’s a waste to continue using plastic bags thinner than provide grocery stores. Instead of using these bags, buy some reusable mesh bags and use them to pack their fresh produce. While you’re at it, you can use this same type of bag to bring snacks when in motion. However, make sure that the coating contains no lead, potentially dangerous phthalates or BPA.

10. Consider a menstrual cup

If you are a woman who is menstruating, just think of the amount of results of using tampons or sanitary napkins waste. A menstrual cup is reusable alternative respectful of the environment, and many women prefer to use once you get used to the method of insertion. Meanwhile, if you do not like the idea of ​​a menstrual cup or have not been found to be comfortable so far, the use of washable pads is a good option that still helps protect the environment (and save you money in the business) .

11. paper trench silk

Finally, instead of buying boxes and boxes of tissue paper, invest in a handkerchief, or make some material that has its own throughout the home. While some people worry that cloth handkerchiefs are not clean, remember that cash washing as often as you wish, and are really only impure when you have a cold!


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