What happens when tea tree oil and lemon skin used daily!

What happens when tea tree oil and lemon skin used daily! ;

You must have noticed that her grandmother is having such an impressive skin. How radiant and healthy skin that was his, and that too without makeup. You just wonder what people in the time used to do to keep your skin healthy. In fact, during times, makeup and cosmetics didn, AOT even exist. So how do you take care of your skin?

Most people of that era used to rely on natural ingredients for skin and hair. And That, AOS did their skin look younger for a longer period of time. So let’s reveal one of its secrets.

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So, did you know that the combination of oil tea tree and lemon can you offer many benefits for the skin? If not, then they get to know here.

Simply mix 2 drops of tea tree oil with lemon juice and apply it on the skin. Leave on for 15 minutes and wash with warm water.

You will see many changes in your skin in just one week. Let, AOS see what they are.

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1. reduced acne
After 1 week of use , you Äôll see the size of your acne is greatly reduced. The antibacterial properties of tea tree oil and lemon kill bacteria that cause acne a lot.

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2. Wrinkle Reduction
If honey is added the combination mentioned above, then you will see that at the end of the week, fine lines on the forehead are greatly reduced. It stimulates collagen production that eliminates the signs of aging.

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3. Lightened Cutis
As we know that the juice lemon have excellent bleaching properties that reduce skin darkening and dark spots also.

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4. Relieved Itch
The antiseptic properties tree oil and lemon tea can reduce any itching and skin infection on his face. mild rash on the skin can be eliminated with the help of tea tree oil and lemon.

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5. Skin tacking
tea tree oil and lemon are excellent skin toners. Reduce the size of the pores of the skin and regulates the production of sebum from the skin. So the guys oily skin, it, AOS good news for you.

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6. The clean skin
tea tree oil It has the ability to penetrate deeper skin. Removes deep-seated impurities within the layers of the skin, thus providing a perfectly clean skin.

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7. reduced redness
The antibacterial properties soothing and tea tree oil are beneficial in reducing the redness caused by rosacea or other skin infections.

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