Warning: This can happen if you pop a pimple

Warning: This can happen if you pop a pimple ; !

You must have heard this song, Chehra Hai Ya Chaand Khila Hai …! In this song, the beauty of the face compared to the moon. But if you remember, that the moon has many points to eclipse its beauty.

Undoubtedly, the points look beautiful on the moon, but there are celestial bodies! We are? No matter how beautiful your face, but these grains no longer ashamed. Especially the young generation faces the brunt of shin problems. He must have seen many people popping your pimples? Or are you the one? Then I must tell you that you can leave craters on the moon-like face. Not only this, you can also catch serious infections. If acne is getting worse day by day, instead of popping up, consult a dermatologist.

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How pimple appearing harmful to your skin?

1. First, let me say that the aqueous liquid that oozes from your pimples can enter the skin tissues. This will increase the risk of getting more pimples. You can also get his severely infected grain.

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2. If you also have this habit of picking the beans then be aware. You can leave deep and permanent scars on the skin. If you think that the scar will disappear on their own, then you are completely wrong. In most cases, it has been seen that the scar never leaves the face!

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3. Popping the grain causes redness in your face, which never fails to time. It can also cause depression and swelling on his face.

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4. Popping a pimple can cause many others as well. So popping a pimple is not a viable way to get rid of them.

Use these methods to cure pimples

If you have pimples on your face, then you should enjoy some home remedies instead of popping above.

1. Apply the paste of turmeric, sandalwood, and milk on his face. This will reduce considerably the size of a grain. You can also apply the paste on your pimples nutmeg to reduce inflammation.

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2. If you know some of our ancient remedies then you must be knowing that consumption and application of aloe vera can cure many diseases with one hand. Drink half a glass of aloe vera juice twice a day. But if you are pregnant, then do not drink this juice.

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3. If you have pimple prone skin then never go to bed without Wash your face. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser. You can also apply cucumber juice with turmeric into your skin to soothe their grain. Keep on your face for half an hour and then wash with cold water.

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4. The application of cumin paste in the affected area has also seen to reduce the size of a grain. Apply the paste on your face for at least half an hour. After washing with cold water.

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5. Neem is the best remedy for pimples to date. Apply neem face pack on his shin to cure pimples. You can grind fresh neem leaves and add some sandalwood powder to make a paste. Apply this paste on your face for 15 minutes. Wash your face with cold water.

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If you want to stay pimple free for the rest of your life then you have to pay special attention to your diet. If you have a sedentary life style and disturbed, then we recommend that you correct immediately. Prevent fats and spicy foods. Eat more and more green vegetables and drink plenty of water. This detoxify your body.

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