Warning: 8 things that your face is trying to tell

Warning: 8 things that your face is trying to tell ;

Your face is the first thing to be noticed by anyone. And it says a lot about your overall health. dry or scaly skin, chapped lips and wrinkles are some things that face each and can be treated with home remedies DIY. But sometimes, these are just the telltale signs that are meaning to and from disease or underlying health factor. So not only ignore these signals, requiring immediate attention and treatment. Sometimes it just happens that you might be suffering from a silent disease that may not know yourself. Here are 8 signs that say aloud that a doctor is needed!

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1. premature wrinkles:

Nobody likes these fine lines on the face. But having them ahead of time is something that is intolerable. Premature aging sometimes happens because of inadequate skin care or extreme sun exposure. But sometimes it also means to osteoporosis. early wrinkles speak bone density of a poor person. However, it could be due to dehydration as well, which takes away the natural tendency of skin hydration. It is also caused by lack of vitamin D in the body.

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2. Excess facial hair:

Facial hair is a shame final for women. But instead of thinking about it in a visual way I perceive it in a different way. You must get your hormones checked immediately. This could be an early sign of PCOS (Poly cystic ovary syndrome) .TODAY, many women suffer from this condition, which leads to a difficulty in conceiving, infertility, irregular menstrual cycle. This disease is often caused by an unhealthy life style, which leads to a hormonal imbalance. Some women with PCOS also falls prey to a condition called Hirtuism. This condition involves excessive growth of facial hair. So before you look out for ways to get rid of them, only it obtained its initial cause.

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Extremely dry and flaky skin 3.

Sometimes, change over time causes dry skin. Which means that our skin is craving for your attention. But dryness throughout the body and also means chronically otherwise. If you are following a good routine of CTM, drink plenty of water and take a proper diet, but still suffer from dry, this indicates that might have hypothyroidism or diabetes. Both of this condition is followed by extreme dryness and skin dehydration. Another cause for drying the skin is heart disease. If your hands are getting too dry feet, it means that the arteries constrict and the blood flow is not enough for some body parts. The lack of oxygen makes your skin look dull and lifeless. It can also be caused by an allergic condition, psoriasis.

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4. Too redness in face:

facial flushing is something every girl is an amateur. But reddening all the day time is not right! You can indicate SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus), which affects various organs of our body. Or it may be caused by rosacea. If you have frequent acne redness then get yourself checked for rosacea. Another reason for redness could be seborrheic dermatitis, which is linked with Parkinson’s disease. Thus, not only alarmed, having the right information to get examined.

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5. Chapped lips:

Every time winter arrives, chapped lips become one of the most feared by us problems. It is common, right? It can be caused by vitamin B deficiency, drug allergies, dehydration or thyroid if your eyes dry with his lips, can be Sjogren’s syndrome, a lethal immune disorder.

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6. Color On Neck

If you are not getting in the sun too and even washing is not able to get rid of the patches, which means resistance to insulin diabetes, allergy or skin disease called pleomorphic solar flare. It is more common in people with psoriasis.

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7. Moles:

Moles add beauty to the face, right ? But they are beautiful until they are harmless and controlled. mol uncontrolled formation could be a sign of very deadly type of skin cancer called melanoma. This makes moles throughout the body varies in size paints a currency. It could represent a less serious condition as a liver problem. If it is congenital, you do not worry.

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8. very fatty Face:

This points to the condition is known as edema. This is a condition in which the body develops the abnormal ability to retain water. It is caused by poor kidney or heart work, which is not able to pump blood efficiently.

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Therefore, next time you look in the mirror and note the following changes in your face, do not just ignore it. But do not panic either. Just make a visit to your doctor for fact proves necessary. Precaution is better than cure. It is not?

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