Transform your home into a haven of Health

Transform your home into a haven of Health ;

are not you tired of going home to see the mess that stands out? Reduce your stress by transforming your home conducive to health. This will help you relax and combat stress. Back home to a quiet environment calms nerves, increase your energy and amplify your intellectual capacity.

How you will turn your everyday refuge in something healthy and relaxing place to be? Follow these quick makeover tips on creating a rejuvenating place to stay.

  • Create a solemn corner – Dedicating a room in their home to be their quiet corner. You can do this by re-arranging pillows and make dimly lit the room. Do not place any distracting electronic device (laptop, smart phones, television, etc.) for the specific area of ​​your home. Put fresh flowers to accent your room. This corner of the house can also be a perfect place for meditation. Research shows that meditation can not only reduce stress levels, but also make her more compassionate.
  • green refuge – Decorate your home with plants can lower blood pressure and levels of the stress hormone. The leaves of the plant can act as natural filters, contaminant removal and indoor air allergens. A study shows that a plant inside your home can purify up to 100 square feet of air. Choose from aloe vera, spider plants and peace lilies in greening your home.
  • Spritz your home with a relaxing aroma – A home fresh scent soothes your mood, keeping stress-free. The use of citric aroma can alter their irritable mood. Similarly, spraying sweet smells as green apple may help in relieving migraine. Surround yourself with aroma candles or similar things that can benefit your health. You can use orange peel or lemon scented soap natural or sprinkle some good smell.
  • Find your rhythm – Match the soundtrack to the mood you want when you are at home. If you want to have some quiet, listening to the gentle rhythm invites relaxation. If you want to dance away stress, change to the most optimistic. An investigation reveals that classical music can slow the heart rate and blood pressure while accelerated tempos can liven up your body and mind.
  • Try the trickle-down effect – Studies illustrate that being near water or hear the sound of flowing water can decrease levels of heart rate and stress . the feeling of serenity and relaxation is increased. If you have source table in your room, plug it in and flowing feel the sound it produces. If you have a small space, put a picture of a river or sea can provide soothing effect of a little water.
  • Keep fresh fruits and vegetables – Of course, fresh fruits and vegetables offer health benefits -boosting. One of them is to help regulate mood stabilizing proteins in the brain. Eating these foods can lighten your mood. If you can not eat, choose to extract juice from them before it rots.
  • Go dim lights- Research shows that exposure to bright light at night can suppress melatonin by 50 percent, even if your eyes are closed. Therefore, make your bedroom as dark as possible, putting dark curtains so that the light will not look through the glass window. You can also wrap your bulbs amber filter to create soft and warm atmosphere that induces relaxation before bedtime.
  • Organize clutter – The disorder makes us feel bad humor. To reduce clutter and make your room look bigger, consider things to be kept and things to be given away. Organize your stuff to make room for your stuff – your books, your makeup kit, your clothes, your bags, your shoes. Be sure to store and organize properly to preserve its usefulness.
  • painting wall with relaxing colors – For your dream site, use cold tones tones of blue and green or neutral ground, as these colors nature stimulate relaxation. If you are outside the budget, add accessories such as cushions, lampshades in soothing tones.

With these tips in mind, you are more excited to go home early due to turn your home into a beautiful, relaxing retreat.

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