Top 8 effective home remedies for edema

Top 8 effective home remedies for edema ;

Edema also known as swelling of the feet or hands. There is more than conservation or accumulation of fluid in body tissues leading to swelling, inflammation or dimpled skin after being depressed for some time.

Almost 4.4 million people are suffering from edema U.S. Some causes of edema are sitting or standing for long hours, high salt intake, malnutrition, insect bites, pregnancy, due to the effects of some medications like drugs blood high pressure, steroid medications , diabetes medications, etc. Horizontal

Some people think that the edema is not a serous issue, but may disappear by taking rest for a few hours. It may be true in some cases but is best cure before it turns to be a serious problem by consulting a doctor. If symptoms are mild edema can be treated by following some home remedies that are listed below ……

1. Linseed: flax seeds

Grind the flax seeds and sprinkle it on the food you eat. This will help heal and edema is also beneficial to your health. If you do not like the taste of flax seeds to eat, then apply the linseed oil available on the market in the affected area. Massage gently and repeat this remedy regularly until the swelling disappears.

2. Mustard oil: Mustard-Oil

massage with some essential oils will certainly help cure edema easily . Mustard oil helps in this regard. Heat a little mustard oil and massage gently rubbing the affected area with circular movements. This will reduce the pain and swelling associated with edema.

3. Fennel seeds: fennel seeds

Boil 1/2 liter of water and add 12 grams of seeds fennel and 1 teaspoon sugar in it. Boil for at least 15 minutes. Let cool and slick water. Drink this syrup every day until swelling subsides ankles and hands.

4. Epsom Salt Soaking: epsom salt soak

Epsom salt is dissolved in the bathtub full of water warm and soak your feet in the water for at least 15 minutes. It really works like magic for swollen feet. Epsom salt consists of potassium sulfate that can be absorbed through the skin. Repeat this remedy regularly until swelling subsides.

5. Apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar

Many of us knew the health benefits of cider vinegar Apple. It is used as a home remedy for various health problems. It is usually taken as a health drink as well. Easily edema treated by applying the convex part of your body. Massage gently for a few minutes and allow it to enter the skin to heal.

6. coriander seeds: coriander seeds

Boil a handful of coriander seeds in water and let it cool later. Strain the liquid and drink it regularly to cure swollen feet or hands. Alternatively, you can soak your feet in the same water for at least 15 minutes to prevent swelling.

7. Cucumber: Cucumber

Drink a glass of cucumber juice to reduce swelling and pain associated with she. Not only reduces inflammation, but also helps eliminate toxins from the body.

8. Pineapple: Pineapple

Pineapple contains excess amount of chlorine that stimulates the kidneys to eliminate toxins damaging the body. Therefore, eating fresh pineapple to reduce swelling and inflammation associated with it

These are the few home remedies to reduce swelling easily. If the swelling and the pain is severe, please consult a doctor before you take a serious illness.

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