Top 21 natural home remedies for removing nail fungus

In daily life, there is a typical species of existing fungal infection under the nail or the nail in various forms such as white or yellow spots on the tip of the nail. This type of fungus can be found both in the nail toe and fingers, but mostly seen in toenails, because the environment is not considered appropriate to allow fungi, especially the group of fungi called dermatophytes, to develop dramatically after a short time. Actually, the fungus is the reason for so much irritation happening to patients, as it exists in the first place on the finger and toe, then make your nail crack or fracture, but then spread to other parts of his body, which is very dangerous. Therefore, nail fungus should be treated as soon as possible.

Let’s take a look deep into the mechanism that affects people’s nails. First, under the advice of your nail, there will be fading effect of making her broken nail down along the edges and totally colorless or emit odor. In case you have to suffer from the fungus, the nail will fade and turn yellow irritants that can cause symptoms such as swelling, inflammation, thickening, nail crumbles, pain or dull, dull. The main reasons for these symptoms are continuous exposure to wet dirty environment, lack of hygiene, weak immune system, etc.

Seeing that nail fungus can cause much inconvenience to those suffering from the same, so in this article, effective remedies will reveal top 21 best natural home remedies for removing nail fungus. Listed in this article are the best of the best treatments of fungal completely extracted from natural sources. After taking these remedies, which certainly hinder the development of relatively nail fungus. Of course, all the ingredients mentioned here are not toxic and are available around your home. If you are wanting to better nail, you should take a look at taking some of the remedies here. Hopefully, after spending time in this article, your situation will be totally nail fungus be limited and you will get strong and bright as before nail.

The practice of the best home remedies for nail fungus is the best way to protect the nail and the surrounding parts from being ruined.

Top 21 natural home remedies for removing nail fungus

1. The vinegar apple cider (pure or rice flour)

home remedies for nail fungus

Now, you can look around your kitchen then if it suddenly stops in apple cider vinegar, you grab it to cure your nail fungus immediately. Considered one of the most effective for removing nail fungus home remedies, ACV is widely used by most patients fungi.

According to Dr. Josh Axe Exodus Health Center, ACV is really a not too fancy valuable ingredient time to keep at home. Its use is undeniable when you can not only deal with skin problems or balance the pH in the body, but also take control blood level or supporting the process of losing weight. Included in ACV are many anti-fungal properties that are very effective for treating nail fungus. Moreover, ACV also contains acidic components that prevent the fungus from spreading to other parts. At the same time, the CAV can remove dead skin cells and get rid of fungi and bacteria quickly. From this information, suffering from nail fungus is now going to worry more about this healthy food to improve the condition.

In this article, we will show some ways of using ACV to remove nail fungus.

Pure ACV: Make feet soak for nail fungus and nails also

  • Take two equal parts of ACV and water, then mixed together
  • (Alternatively, a portion of Epsom salts mixed with a portion of stroke and 6 parts of hot water, then wait until it gets refrigerator)
  • then the nail is soaked in the mixture for 30 minutes
  • After doing so, nails thoroughly dried
  • repeat this process every day for at least 4 weeks to see the best result.

mixed with rice flour ACV: Make the dough for treating nail fungus

  • First instead, take some rice flour milled and mixed with a few teaspoons of ACV
  • mix well, and use the paste to be applied to the affected nails
  • Scrub the dough gently to get rid of damaged skin
  • Continue the process for several weeks.

2. Combining sodium bicarbonate with some other ingredients

The following remedy is the use of sodium bicarbonate. There must be something special baking soda so that everyone calls him one of the greatest home remedies for removing nail fungus.

Sodium bicarbonate, in fact, is not difficult to find, so people can easily get some of applying the fungus. As we know, bacteria require an acidic environment to develop, and sodium bicarbonate appears to prevent thriving because it can create a depopulated environment for them. The truth is that baking soda is no fungicide can not kill the fungus completely, but fungistatic which can prevent the proliferation of fungi in much of his body. The reason is that it acts as this is opposite alkaline to acid. After using this ingredient, the fungus will not have the ideal place to grow.

with sodium bicarbonate – in the list of the best home remedies for nail fungus -. People can apply one of the following approaches to quickly get rid of irritating nail fungus

Pure sodium bicarbonate

  • In first, wash hands clean with hot water and soap, and then keep them dry
  • then a paste with water and baking soda mixed in the ratio 1: 2
  • Next, a cotton swab is taken to apply this type of paste on the affected nails and let it sit for 10-15 minutes
  • after the specified time, rinse pasta Pat dry out and nail
  • Reapply this method regularly 2 times per day.

Sodium bicarbonate with vinegar soak:

  • sufficient amount of water with sodium bicarbonate mixture to the liquid is thoroughly mixed
  • soak the affected nails in the mixture for 15 minutes
  • then pat dry thoroughly
  • Repeat the procedure 2 times per day
  • sodium bicarbonate and sodium borate (borax) mixture
  • Mix equal parts of baking soda with sodium borate powder with enough water to create a paste
  • Moisten feet or hands, and then apply the paste gently rubbing on infected nails.
  • Repeat this process 2 times a day for at least two weeks to get the clearest nail.

3. Epsom salt and hydrogen peroxide

home remedies for nail fungus

There are several studies showing the benefits of hydrogen peroxide. If a study states that hydrogen peroxide is effective in enhancing the defense of the cell walls of plants to stop fungi penetrate through them, then another study by Russian researchers shows that the high level of peroxide hydrogen is an intensive tool to kill the fungus thoroughly.

No need to worry, that the study is accurate, you just need to know that the use of hydrogen peroxide with suitable dosage will help get rid of the fungus fast nails. Follow the instructions here:

  • You take ½ cup Epsom salt mixed with ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide
  • mix with 4 cups of hot water and ¼ cup of white vinegar to create a powerful antifungal substance to deal with fungi.
  • Then a cotton soaked in the solution and place it in the infected area for 10 minutes.
  • Reapply this method 2 times a day for several weeks to see a better result.

Are you looking for other effective home remedies for removing nail fungus? Keep going.

4. Take treatment use tea tree oil regularly

As you know, one of the safer to deal with fungi without using harsh chemicals forms is the use of essential oils. Among them is the tea tree oil, which is considered the ideal for curing nail fungus option.

is a natural disinfectant that contains a large number of components antiseptics and fungicides that are to getting fungal symptoms quickly. In addition, anti-bacterial properties can help treat skin disorders also can help get rid of pain fast and avoid fungi and microbes effectively. Tea tree oil is also known for its special ability to remove the bad smell in some cracked fingernails. With its great features, there will be a great loss if the best home remedies for nail fungus do not include tea tree oil.

Can be used regularly, then it is certain that the situation will be better nail significantly. In fact, there are many methods for you to make use of oil tea tree to get the best results, track and choosing the right one for you:

Now, together we make oil tea tree soak to treat nail fungus

  • first, prepare a cotton ball with a little tree oil tea
  • Then just pour a few drops of oil of tea tree cotton ball
  • apply on nail fungus and rub gently in 10 minutes
  • You can use a toothbrush with oil tea tree scrub spot
  • reduce significantly the oil resistance by mixing tea tree oil with the same amount of olive oil or thyme.

Another way to say to pour 4-5 drops of tea tree oil in a bowl with water and soak the infected nail in the solution.

Then, reapply the process twice a day.

Oil Blend tea tree and olive oil:

  • Take a small and equal amount of olive oil and tea tree and mix them together
  • mix well, and then use this solution to gently rub the affected nail. Remember to take a cotton ball first.
  • Let it sit there for a few minutes and then wash the nail with water after
  • nail thoroughly dries and repeat the method regularly 2 times a day.

Let’s consider combining oil tea tree oil, grape seed and orange oil:

  • a teaspoon of tea tree oil with ½ teaspoon grapeseed oil and ½ teaspoon orange oil is mixed.
  • Mix well together and soak a clean cotton in it for a few minutes
  • Then tighten the cotton ball soaked letting the mix gently falling on the infected nail
  • let dry naturally on your nail liquid and reapply the recipe every day.

5. Use orange oil for permanent removal Hongo

home remedies for nail fungus

the following essential oil contained in the most effective natural home remedies for nail fungus is orange oil. It is another natural antifungal ingredient that can cure the infection in the nail if applied every day. Because it contains a large number of anti-fungal properties, it is not surprising when applied to treat nail fungus.

consumption of orange oil, the recipe is simple. Just use a dropper to apply the oil of orange in the middle of the toes or fingers. Let the oil soak into the affected area for at least one hour skin. However, there are some tips you should take when this type of oil is used. Orange oil can take strong effect on sensitive skin. If you are in this situation, it is suggested to dilute the oil with other natural carrier oil like grape seed or olive oil with 1: 1. Moreover, citrus allergies are also a common symptom, so you should try the orange oil on the skin first to make sure your skin is still healthy after applying this oil.

6. Apply oil of oregano to treat nail fungus with three

Immerse yourself in the following magic ingredient in the list of home remedies for nail fungus, which will be fully convince with the amazing feature of oregano oil. People know it as one of the natural oils that contain essential components to attack pesky nail fungus. It is a natural antiseptic and fungicide, but included in it is still a large number of useful components such as antiviral, antibacterial, antiparasitic content and analgesic properties as carvacrol and thymol.

According to a recent study by Georgetown University Medical Center, oregano herbal blend of Adeeva tested to kill up to 30 types of bacteria, including those effectively cause infection nail infection.

If you can not get from Adeeva oregano oil, you can still try oregano oil over-the-counter. What you need to do is mix the oil with an equal amount of other carrier like olive oil before applying the solution directly to the infected nail oil zone.

Follow the guide below to make the best therapeutic choice of essential oils:

  • a teaspoon of olive oil is mixed with a teaspoon of oregano oil
  • Shake well and apply the solution to the infected nail area
  • Let it sit there for 30 minutes
  • When finished, rinse the oil with water and dry your toe and finger completely
  • Reapply this method twice a day for several weeks to see the positive improvement in your nail.

7. Put on nail fungus some lavender oil

home remedies for nail fungus

Being one of the best home remedies for nail fungus, lavender oil is commonly used to treat the infection, especially fungi He nails and is believed to make a positive improvement in nail fungus after a short period of time. Lavender oil has anti-fungal compounds, which can make the great remedy for nail fungus simple (both nails and fingers). In addition, lavender is enriched with antiseptic and volatile properties that can help fight infection, thereby facilitating irritation nail excellently. In fact, there are several ways for you to use lavender oil, but in this article, you can follow any of the following methods:

Before going to bed at night, you can drop a few drops of lavender oil on the nail fungus. There should leave the oil to penetrate through the night to the morning fungus. To keep the oil in place, wrap the treated nail with wool socks for the feet and bands of the nail. Make sure the socks we use are not made of fibers as it can make the situation even worse. In general, the application of this remedy that fungal nail, the nail slowly regain strength and brilliant beauty soon.

can also mix lavender oil with other essential oils to create a treatment over-speeding fast.

  • First, it is necessary to prepare 2 equal amounts of oil tea tree and lavender oil
  • Mix together and be warm
  • then dip a clean cotton in this solution
  • Before going to bed at night, it is necessary use the soaked cotton ball to dab gently on the nail fungus and surrounding parts also.
  • Then there is left to stand overnight. With the nail, protect by wrapping this cotton ball fixed with gauze and use wool socks to toenails. In doing so, the oil can immerse yourself more in your infected nail.
  • Repeat the above procedure at least 3-5 days until you see the situation improving nail fungus.

8. Get strong nail with coconut oil

People often think of a kind of coconut oil called whenever they are caught with serious skin problems, hair or beauty. It also is not an exception in the list of natural home remedies for nail fungus. First, try to use some coconut oil on your skin if it emerges some strange symptoms such as dry skin, damaged tissue … Or can fully apply it to your dry and damaged hair, you will see how surprisingly that functionates.

As mentioned above, coconut oil is considered an effective remedy to cure nail fungus. In fact, coconut oil is composed of fatty acids of medium chain whose action is to work as natural fungicides that appear in the fat layer of the membrane of fungi, then resulting mitigation fungus and disintegration of the cell. This is exactly what describes the mechanism of coconut oil to protect themselves from fungi completely. So when faced with this problematic situation, you should never overlook this method.

  • First, a falling coconut oil few in their hands
  • So what you need to do is apply this oil directly on the nail fungus and then gently massage
  • let the oil soak the affected nail and let it dry naturally
  • But before applying this method, do not forget to wash your hands clearly and let dry first
  • must reapply methods at least 2-3 times a day until which realizes the positive result on your nail. In fact, if you really want to keep free of strong nails fungal symptoms completely, you should really apply coconut oil.

9. take advantage of vitamin E oil

home remedies for nail fungus

vitamin E oil is generally known as an effective treatment for skin problem, it is also especially famous for its ability to kill fungus in the nails. Among one of the best types of oil, vitamin E can be widely used to fight with damaged nail due included in vitamin E oil is a large number of beneficial properties to protect the nail from being attacked by an infection, and prevent it from spreading to other parts of your body.

intensive and large generator skin works best on the skin as the same way with hailstones antioxidant is considered healthy. The use of it is very simple and simply apply the concentrated area nail fungus vitamin E oil and then rub gently on the affected area, after waiting to see the fungus fall. Allow vitamin E oil a period of time suitable to penetrate through the damaged from the inside to protect and regenerate the new production of new nails, bright and healthy skin.

10. Remove the lemon juice to ward off nail fungus completely

juice Lemon is simply not only used in super hot day to cool the temperature of the entire world, but also among home remedies for approval prominent nail fungus. Do you believe? In fact, this type of fruit, which can be easily found around and an essential ingredient in every meal, can become a strong irritant prescription to cure nail fungus. In a long term, it can relieve pain, remove skin flakes and bring back the bright color and health of the nail.

Lemon juice is enriched with a high content of antifungal and antiseptic compounds. In the lemon juice, it is also owned by the citric acid can help stop fungi and bacterial infection extended spot. There are many ways to use it to treat fungi, but here come the two most two common methods that can help you out.

The first method will show you how to use fresh lemon on your nail fungus:

  • You need to prepare clean and fresh lemon from the beginning
  • is then pressed to extract their juice
  • then simply apply the juice on the affected nail directly using a cotton ball to gently rub.
  • Let it sit there for 10-15 minutes, then use warm water to rinse
  • Click to dry and reapply the recipe a month to see the positive result.

At the second method, it will show the combination of lemon juice and olive oil

  • Take equal parts of lemon juice and olive oil and mix together
  • Shake well and use cotton ball soaked in the solution, then massage the infected nail and surrounding smooth
  • repeat this process regularly.

11. Curing nail fungus with olive leaf extract

When speaking of the remedies home most effective nail fungus, you can not forget the olive leaf extract. This type of extract is to defeat fungi and even the most difficult symptoms, so it is not strange to call a natural antibiotic because of its ability to cure almost all types of bacteria, fungi, viruses or protozoa.

leaf extract oil can be used to address such problems fungi like ringworm and Candida besides being the best choice for treating toenail fungus or nail fungus. The functionates extract olive leaf that based on the mechanism of killing the fungus from the inside out, meaning that penetrates your body to heal the bad bacteria (which can cause fungal nail) and achieve strong health to him after of that. Any kind of parasites living in your body unknowingly also be killed by the olive extract. (You should be aware of the number of parasites that threaten growing in your body).

In addition, people also know olive leaf extract as a substance with double benefit. Apart from the room out all your nail fungus, which help detoxify and cleanse your body that helps you gain full of energy and less likely to catch some normal health problems such as influenza and colds. With olive leaf extract, the extract can be applied directly to the infected area or use the capsules orally, then repeat regularly for several days.

is not a tip for you when buying olive leaf extract, be careful. Most providers will give you the cheap and low quality product that is totally useless. So make sure

12. Take some garlic oil for healthy nail

home remedies for nail fungus

the next ingredient in the list of the best home remedies for nail fungus is garlic. Garlic, for some extensions, is an essential part of the food around the world and an essential element in every kitchen because of its undeniably useful. It is not only famous for the ability to treat some normal health problems such as cough, headache, … but also a wonderful treatment of such infections like nail fungus.

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