Top 12 home remedies to get rid of itchy skin

Top 12 home remedies to get rid of itchy skin ;

12 Top Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Itchy Skin

Itchy skin is one of the skin related disorders when the affected person used to scrape the skin several times a day, even in sleep. This itching is usually occurs due to insect bites, allergic reactions, dry weather, skin infection and even by the use of soaps and detergents. Regular scratching is highly irritating and annoying because most times daily activities is interrupted. So here we will discuss some of the effective to get rid of the rough skins and are discussed below

home remedies

After home remedies to get rid of itchy skin :.


If you are facing a problem with itchy skin, then petroleum jelly could be the best remedy for healing the same. The reason for its success is no harmful chemicals are included in it and can soften the skin naturally. Not only it reduces itching, but also improves the skin condition. Apart from other benefits, cheap and safe, and therefore you do not need to worry much about how often you can use.

Petroleum Jelly
apple cider vinegar

This is a rich source of antibacterial, anti-itching, and antifungal properties which usually help reduce itching. Patients need to mix 3 cups of apple cider vinegar in the tub filled with warm water. Then their skins have to absorb 15 to 30 minutes in the bath and then have to moisturize the skin. On the other way you can apply apple cider vinegar with cotton balls on the affected skin for instant relief.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apply coconut oil

Coconut oil really it works as a wonder treatment for itchy skin. The use of coconut oil is very simple. Just take a small amount of coconut oil and applied directly to the affected area by rubbing slowly. If the problem of itchy skin is due to the dryness of the body, it feels especially during the winter, then take a bath with warm water and dry the whole body. After taking bath, apply coconut oil for the whole body.

Apply Coconut Oil
Apply cold water or ice

Feeling cooling and itching usually runs on the same nerve, so the affected person has to use cold water in different ways to get immediate relief from itchy skin. Whenever necessary, the person can run cold tap water to the skin and pat towel wrap ice in the affected areas also give relaxation. Also, the patient can take cold shower for profit.

Apply Cool Water Or Ice Pack
Mix beeswax, butter, juniper berries and cloves

you need to melt 5 tablespoons each of beeswax and unsalted butter in different pans and then to mix and stir them. Then, with this solution, it is necessary to mix 5 tablespoons ground cloves and juniper berries and should properly shake. Then you have to implement this solution in patches of skin overnight for profit.

Mix Of Bee Wax, Butter, Juniper Berries, And Cloves
Sodium Bicarbonate

is a natural neutralizer generally relieves itching. The person has to mix one cup of baking soda in the bath and stirred for half an hour before taking a bath. The patient has to caress this solution on your skin rather than rubbing and this procedure must be performed on a daily basis for optimal results.

Baking Soda
essential oils are applied

essential oils Almost all they are rich in anti-inflammatory properties and have calming effects itchy skin. You may either add any of these oils to your bath water to relieve irritation. It can also be applied directly to the skin. Essential oils such as agrimony, bay oil, basil oil, calendula oil, oil chickweed, chamomile oil, clove oil, oil Jewelweed, geranium oil, lavender oil, oil nettle oil neem, peppermint oil, thyme oil, rosemary oil, etc. . It can be used to cure the problem of itchy skin.

Apply Essential Oils
Apply lemon juice

lemon contains citric acid and acetic content that are rich in anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and anti-irritant properties. The patient has to extract fresh lemon juice from two lemons, and then with the help of cotton balls these juices should be applied in the affected areas of the skin and should be left for 30 minutes. Then these areas should be washed with warm water to get the best results.

Apply Lemon Juice
Mix basil leaves and boiling water

This plant contains a large amount of eugenol, thymol and camphors normally fight itchy skin. The patient needs to mix five to seven the number of leaves in boiling water to make a solution. Next, this solution should be applied to the affected areas with cotton balls to make profits. The solution should be stored in a jar to use it very often to reduce itching skin.

Mix Of Basil Leaves And Boiling Water
mixture of water and oatmeal

is necessary to apply a small amount of water for a cup of oatmeal to make a paste consistency. Then apply pasta itchy skin for some time. Then you have to cover those areas with cloth for half an hour to reduce itchy skin.

Mix Of Water And Oatmeal
Mixture of dried thyme leaves and boiling water

You need to apply two tablespoons of dried thyme leaves with two cups of boiling water. The mixture was covered and allowed to cool. Then the tense solution is applied on the skin that itch with fabric to reduce inflammation related nerve fiber and itching.

Mix Of Dried Thyme Leaves And Boiling Water
Taking Epsom salt bath

Take a bowl with hot water and add Epsom salt to it. Wait until the warm water and converted can now take bath with this water. Let your body absorb water. Therefore, it is recommended to wait a while, then poured salt water on your body. Now take fresh tap water and take bath as usual. Do this for a week to get rid of the problem of itchy skin. If the problem has been developed due to dry skin, then you can give a quick result.

Take Epsom Salt Bath

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