These home remedies provide rapid relief stomach pain, constipation and gastritis

These home remedies provide rapid relief stomach pain, constipation and gastritis ;

stomach pain, constipation and heartburn are some common problems. And the main reason for these problems is poor digestion of food. Stomach is the root of many diseases. If the abdominal condition is not good, then our body becomes home to early disease. Therefore, to protect themselves from all this is important to get rid of constipation. If you are also depressed these problems, then we will say that some of these remedies that are very helpful in removing these problems away.


Ginger is a best medicine for abdominal problems. It has anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial qualities. Regular consumption makes us free gas, heartburn, loss of appetite, etc. every day in the morning drinking a cup of ginger tea keeps our digestion as well. If the gastritis is worrying, ginger boil water. Drinking this water will remove the gas. Put a little honey in ginger juice and then drink it also eliminates abdominal problems.


Apples have many other nutrients as well as vitamin A and C. Eating one apple a day keeps empty stomach prevented us from constipation, gastritis and acidity .


aloe vera juice is very advantageous to the stomach. Consumption keeps us from intestinal problems. Its juice is very useful in diarrhea, constipation, stomach pain, etc.


Mint contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic characters. During stomachache mint sorbet or its juice it is very beneficial. Eat your hot sauce with green mango also cures for digestive problems. And drink green tea mint gives comfort in gastritis.


Lemons have high amount of vitamin C. Therefore, it is very beneficial, every day put lemon juice in warm water and drink the empty stomach, cure for constipation.


Papaya has vitamin A, folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B1 and many more nutrients. It contains excess fiber. If you are facing any problem related to the digestive system to eat papaya.

7. Kings CUMIN

King cumin functions as a stomach medicine. Eat cumin king by chewing and after drinking a cup of hot water. If you have the stomach eat worms king cumin black salt. Roast the cumin seeds and cumin for a king and then ground. Boil this mixture in water and filter water. Mix a little sugar with water and drink it, you will get relief soon.

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