These home remedies PANACEA role play in some diseases, DIGEST Charaka has this allusion

These home remedies PANACEA role play in some diseases, DIGEST Charaka has this allusion ;

The weakness makes our internal body from disease. If with a little care we accept forms of Ayurveda then we can have a good improvement in our health. rejuvenation of the body will also become easier. Triphala is the medicine that can rejuvenate the body. Its dust not only helps in the treatment of constipation instead can be used to improve the energy level of the body by eliminating weakness. It has many more uses as well. It is the preferred drug of all Ayurvedic doctors. Using triphala, drugs for any disease can be prepared mostly. It might be shocking for each of you to know that the first reference only Charaka Samhita (compendium of Charaka), Book of Ayurvedic medicine, Triphala is discussed in detail. Triphala is a solid mixture of 3 amla fruit ie Bibhitaki, and Haritaki in equal amount. In today’s text some of the important uses of triphala are discussed.

extinguishes worm infestation

For those who suffer from infesting worm, intake of triphala provide comfort. Triphala also helps in killing lots of variety of worms in the human body such as ringworm or tapeworm, which are the root causes of many diseases and weakness. Improved RBCs (red blood cells) count, which helps in the fight against many infections.

improves Fights (white blood cells)

DISEASE In Ayurveda Triphala so that for the purpose of rejuvenation. disease fighting white blood cells (ie white blood cells) that motivates the body to fight disease is improved. illness or disease resistance Combats helps body fight against any external or easily germ cell. One that has fewer inhabitants of the disease, which has only hunt disease and again and easily. Triphala improves antibodies in the body that fight against antigens and make our body free of bacteria. Also increase T-cell count that make stronger and more white blood cells in number.

KEEP rejuvenated for long

Triphala has a large amount of antioxidants, which keeps the rate of cell metabolism and keep them active. Reduce the factors responsible for increasing age, hence their intake to maintain youthful appearance. Function also motivates the ability of many cells regularly as mitochondria, Golgi apparatus and the nucleus, the three sections maintains the function of the entire cell.


Triphala is the best medicine to cure digestion problems. It also provides comfort to those suffering from intestinal problems. Because the intake of triphala intestinal juice is released, which they excite the secretion of the stomach and therefore make the person free digestion problems. Also maintains the pH of the gastrointestinal tract in the body. 5.PANACEA the case of anemia Anemia occurs due to the less blood in the body. body color yellow approaches tone for anemia. The patient begins fainting. Its main cause is the lack of hemoglobin. triphala is very useful in case of lack of hemoglobin, because it improves red blood cells thus consumption aid in the treatment of anemia.

reduces the accumulation fat

Those who suffer from fat accumulation in the young age, no other medication is best for them other than triphala. Consumption regulate body fat directly. 7.TREATMENT skin problems is useful in all skin problems. Triphala filters the blood and removes chemicals and minerals unwanted body. 8.USEFUL respiratory problems is very useful for respiratory problems. Also it removed. It also eliminates the factors that create problems during breathing. 9.USEFUL for cancer cases in a recent report found that cancer can be treated with the help of triphala and growing cancer cells can be reduced. It is possessing characteristics against cancer.


If someone is suffering from headache lot then he / she should take thirphala regularly with proper medical advice. Reduce headache. leading cause of headache is an alteration in the metabolism and therefore maintains proper metabolism rate triphala provide comfort in the headache.

Diabetes Treatment

Triphala is very effective in treating diabetes. pancreas releases insulin is excited. High level of insulin in the body keeps blood sugar. It tastes very bitter. HOW TO PREPARE THIRPHALA? Triphala is a formula based on ayurvedic rasayana herbs consisting of equal parts of three myrobalans taken without seeds, amalaki (Emblica officinalis), bibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica) and Haritaki (Terminalia chebula).

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