The role of the circulatory system – Problems and natural remedies

The Role of The Circulatory System – Problems And Natural Remedies

If we imagine the mail train traveling from Basel to Lugano and back, making scheduled, download and collect mail on their way back stops, then it would be easier for us to imagine the circulatory system .

Consider what might happen if there is an accident so that the train can not keep your schedule. At each station, the postmen run restlessly back and forth, looking if the train is coming or not, calm customers who have to wait for the mail.

relatively small part of such confusion in the commercial world could cause undesirable delays and annoy everyone. The same can happen with the circulation of blood. Compare the train outward bound on their way to Lugano with arterial network, which has the task of providing the millions of cells in the body with food so that they are able to perform their functions.

All minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids required for making proteins, all sugars and fats, and even oxygen is transported through the arterial network on a strict schedule, every day, and every hour. Each cell is a miniature factory needs raw materials and fuel for their processes. Only if supplied regularly with everything you need, you can be expected to perform reliably.

The Role of The Circulatory System – Problems And Natural Remedies 2 The shortage of required and defects in the quality of raw materials force the cells to find a makeshift solution amounts. It is only under the most difficult conditions seek shortcuts cells and therefore suffer in performance. An example of this is when the body begins to build giant cells, known as cancer cells. Of course, the cell itself can not be blamed for failing to combat and resist desperately to the point that the fault can not be avoided.

We must therefore ensure that the trains ‘mail’ our arterial system can maintain their schedules by stimulating circulation through exercise and proper breathing. Moreover, we must ensure that all raw materials needed are provided in adequate quantities and quality. Only then can the laboratories of our cells perform their wonderful work in harmony with the divine purpose and the program are assigned. then we can take full advantage of performance of the cells arranged on our behalf.

is not our only task is to provide the necessary substances, because each factory, when working, generates waste and waste must be removed and transported to prevent build up, which could lead to disturbances production.

Mail train is back as our venous system to collect the slag formed during combustion and waste production – carbonic, uric acid and others. If the transport stopped, there will be difficulties due to the delay causes tension, which is reflected in the increased pressure on all sides. It will reach a slip, and all goods will be left on the ski coating. And the paper could get stuck in the body, for example, uncomfortable varicose veins.

How to protect

How to prevent this evil? Someone could change his / her occupation and avoid working in cold and damp conditions. We must also try to warmer clothing, and do not expose the legs and stomach cold because it can also cause problems, so we must protect ourselves in time.

Some plants are an excellent help :. Yarrow (Achillea millefolium), St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum), arnica roots and Pasque Flower (Pulsatilla Anemone), or small wind flower (Anemone pratensis)

All four of these plants contain the Hyperisan cure that has been proven effective in many cases. Many girls, women and mothers were invaluable use them. The effect of Hyperisan can be improved significantly by Aesculaforce, an extract of horse chestnut.

Because varicose veins are caused by lack of minerals, especially calcium, Urticalcin is a safe and successful help. It is a reasonable and natural for blood circulation and helps relieve you from many inconveniences and instead of hours filled with pain and worry, you can enjoy pleasant days.

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