“THE POINT OF A HUNDRED OF DISEASES” is called – here is what will happen if you massage every day

“THE POINT OF A HUNDRED OF DISEASES” is called – here is what will happen if you massage every day ;

Did you know that the human body has 365 main points and 12 meridians? However this point is one of the most important.

As says the old Japanese legend, a man was lucky to get this precious knowledge of his father. Namely, his father taught him about the importance of point Longevity and how to press this point you can help in the treatment of many different diseases.

This man followed the instructions of his father gave him. this point is massaged daily, which provides a long life. He even got to see the birth and death of several emperors.

Massaging this point, Zu San Li, slows the aging process and prevent many diseases and protect your health.

Its location is below the kneecap, and can be easily found. Place your hands on your knees, left hand on left knee, right hand and right knee, and find this point between the ends of the ring finger and little finger, between the bones.

Another way to locate the point Zu San Li is firmly pressed his feet on the floor in front of you, while sitting on the floor. The heels should stay down. Below the knee, there is a place that is a little higher, and when its highest point is pressed, found this amazing point.


This point is also called “the point of hundreds of diseases’ as it literally has the power to help your body to combat the problems of arithmetic and health conditions.

namely, it is responsible for regulating the functions of all the organs in the lower body. the Zu San Li also controls the spinal cord, is responsible for the proper function of the reproductive system, kidneys, glands, gastrointestinal and digestive tract.

adrenal glands are essential for normal functioning of the body and health, and releasing vital hormones, including adrenaline and hydrocortisone, into the bloodstream. on the other hand, point massage Zu San Li also provide beneficial effects in many other cases, such as :. Constipation, gastritis, urinary incontinence, impotence, hypo

Other than that, this point can it be very helpful in eliminating anxiety, stress, tension, an inner balance is maintained and give you more confidence. San Li point also has a stimulating effect also.

This beneficial massage also promotes weight loss. However, note that you must do in the evening here, but be very careful. You can use ½ kg in a week.

Regular massage of this extraordinary Hs point the following effects Zu San Li, as follows:

prevents inflammation

  • Regulates and strengthens the immune
  • system

  • Relieves stroke
  • side effects

  • glucose and insulin regulation
  • treat gastrointestinal diseases
  • Increases digestion

massage Zu San Li point- Instructions

before start massaging this point, you need to take some time to relax. It is best to sit while the massage. Inhale deeply and focus on your emotional state. This marks the beginning of a beautiful healing and spiritual process that helps restore harmony to your body and mind.

should massage the point in a circular motion clockwise to 9 times with each leg. It is recommended that you do massage in the morning, before having their lunch as if done before bed, which can lead to insomnia. The whole procedure of massage Zu San Li point should last 10 minutes.

The massage should be done either with your fingers, or can be used as grain cereals :. Buckwheat, oats, rice, and the like, or cloves garlic

Simply cut the garlic clove in half and apply it in this miraculous point, and leave for 2 hours, or until you notice the skin has become a little red.

However, stimulation of this incredible point throughout the day can offer many positive effects. For example, if a massage at the point needles Zu San Li clock in the morning, eight days before the new moon, it stimulates the immune system, improve the function of the organs of the body and rejuvenate the body.

Moreover, if the massage this point just before lunch, to enhance memory and improve overall tone and health of your cardiovascular and digestive system.

Massaging the point Zu San Li after lunch in order to relieve headaches, eliminate sleep problems, and relax, get rid of anxiety, stress and tension.

In order to lose excess pounds and speed up your metabolism, should massage this point in both legs, right, in the afternoon.

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