The best ways to relieve stress naturally

The best ways to relieve stress naturally ;

Stress can wreak havoc on your health if you can not manage effectively. Fortunately, there are many all-natural ways to cope with stress or pressure. Read on for some of the things that can be done so that you may kiss goodbye stress.

can work regularly

have 20 to 30 minutes of exercise at least 5 times a week is recommended by fitness experts. There is really no need to go to the gym. Something as simple as brisk walking, swimming, cycling or playing badminton with a friend is fine.

Apply pressure in “The Gates of the Mind”

The doors of the mind consists of 2 points. They are about 3 inches away from each other, which is just where is the base of his skull and neck bones. Click on these points with your fingers while performing slow, deep breaths.

Listen to music

Whenever stress strikes, play some classical melodies. You can also press the bar local disk or go online to buy so-called “binaural beats”. Classical or binaural, spend a few minutes to listen to music in a dimly lit room with your eyes closed.

Take herbal


You can come across numerous herbal remedies for stress when a foot is placed within the local health food store. Inform the shop assistant who is hunting adaptogens as ginseng, ashwagandha, rhodolia, Bacopa and holy basil.

control your body through biofeedback

Initially, you may need the help of an expert to get biofeedback. In simple terms, Biofeedback control of its various involuntary bodily functions such as breathing rate, heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension.

Use the tools relaxation

Because a lot of people these days are living a busy life, does not come as a surprise why there are so many anti-stress tools around. Nothing to treat stress balls or head massagers if friends and family attest loses its effectiveness.

Balance your chakras

In the human body, there are a total of 7 chakras or energy centers. It is said that placing stones on these very important points can help promote relaxation of both body and mind, allowing you to manage stress much better.

withdraw from normal activities

For a change, do other things instead of the usual that you perform on a regular basis. For example, reading a novel, if you like to watch TV to lull you to sleep. Disconnection is also a great way to welcome new hobbies or habits in your life.

out some fun activity

Naturally, it is easy to leave your worries behind if you are concerned about an activity you find fun and interesting. Whether painting, nature photography, hiking or gardening, participating in an enjoyable activity is a great stress-buster.


Buy home spa treatments and some me-time undergo during the weekend. The use of essential oils, bath salts, scented candles, botanical shampoos, rich hand and body lotion and other luxuries can help you feel invigorated and renewed.

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