The 10 best home remedies for fatigue

The 10 best home remedies for fatigue ;

Top 10 Home Remedies for Fatigue eggs

Persistent fatigue not only makes it more difficult to engage in physical activity; it also decreases your mood, undermines their motivation and makes it harder to think clearer. If you do not know why you’re always tired, talk to your doctor about the standard blood test that can rule out common conditions. However, if you already know that you are struggling with chronic fatigue associated with a disease like fibromyalgia or who just need a little boost after a stressful week at work, try these ten smart home remedies.

1. Eggs

Eggs are an old natural remedy for fatigue, but there is ample scientific evidence that eggs can actually counteract the widespread lethargy. They are one of the best sources of a variety of vital, such as protein, vitamin A, folic acid, riboflavin and iron nutrients available. Try to have at least one egg a day (maybe at breakfast) and see if a change is seen in their energy levels.

2. Ginseng

This famous natural treatment for fatigue may actually make you feel nervous if you try that in normal circumstances, but is said to increase blood flow to the brain and it can be powerfully effective if your energy levels are very low. You can get Asian ginseng powder in most health food stores, and the recommended dose is usually 2 g daily for 4-6 weeks. There is also some evidence that ginseng may improve immune system function, thus reducing the risk of fatigue associated with infections such as colds and flu.

3. Potato

Potatoes can be used to make an energy drink that provides plenty of potassium. Potassium is vital for the function of the nervous system and muscular healthy use, and some alternative health professionals claim that many patients with chronic fatigue suffer from potassium deficiencies. Simply cut a potato into thin slices, soak in water overnight and drink the water when you wake up.

4. Peppermint oil

If you ever need to feel more alert and focused immediately, try to smell the pure mint oil a handkerchief. Just a couple of drops of this oil will wake you up in an instant. You can also try to put 2-3 drops of peppermint oil in a bath in the morning or afternoon if you want to feel invigorated for the rest of the day.

5. Bee pollen

Sometimes called a “super food” because of its ability to restore energy, bee pollen is another popular treatment for fatigue. It provides a lot of nutrients that can increase physical and mental energy. However, if you have a known allergy to pollen then you may want to opt for one of the other options in this (such as bee pollen can cause respiratory problems in those who are prone to allergies).

6. healthy sleep habits

Although it may be difficult to get a good night’s sleep if you are busy, stressed or constant pain, compared to poor sleep quality is a of the best ways to beat chronic fatigue. You should try to get an average of eight hours a night, and try to cut any source of caffeine (including chocolate and soda) four hours before bedtime. Also, keep electronic equipment out of the room, and make a habit of doing something relaxing just before bedtime (such as meditation or reading a book).

7. carnitine supplements

Sold online and at many pharmacies, carnitine amino acid supplements are marketed as a treatment for fatigue. Carnitine supports cellular activity of health, which could increase energy production. Although there are dietary sources, such as meat and milk, supplements can help ensure you are getting the recommended daily intake (especially if you are a vegetarian).

8. The exchange of refined carbohydrates from unrefined carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrates are found in foods like white versions of sugar, pasta and bread. These carbohydrates are known to cause a rapid and intense increase in the levels of blood sugar, making you feel exhausted just an hour or so after eating. Exchanging these healthy foods for carbohydrates unrefined, found in whole wheat pasta, rice and bread.

9. Exercise

Although exercise may sound like a harrowing task when you are tired, many people complain of fatigue are actually exacerbating a sedentary lifestyle. If you spend much of their time sitting at work, it is especially important to make time for a half hour of exercise at least three days a week. The release of endorphins during a workout to improve alertness, and weight loss is also associated with reduced fatigue.

10. Milk, honey and licorice

Finally, another old home remedy for lethargy is to mix milk with honey and licorice. Only 2 tablespoons honey and 1 teaspoon of licorice powder makes a tasty, sweet drink that can be consumed up to twice a day to reduce the feeling of fatigue.


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