Symptoms and Home Remedies for KIDNEY STONE

Symptoms and Home Remedies for KIDNEY STONE ;

Today is becoming an issue of common stone among people. This is mainly due to food misconduct. Drinking less water than required is also one of the reasons for kidney stone. Let us have discussion about kidney stones.

You should know that kidney stone is a disease of the urinary system in which small stones begins to build. Usually, these stones are removed outside the body through body outlet. In many people get stones to build without any problems and the pain itself is eliminated out of the body, but if this stone becomes larger, it begins to obstruct the function of the urethra and excruciating pain also passes close around the bladder urinary. This disease occurs mainly elderly people 30-60 and found 4 times more in men than in women. Patients with diabetes have a higher risk of kidney stones.


Because kidney stones, backache and pain, mostly in the lower abdomen occurs. This pain lasts for a few minutes or many hours and you can even get comfort in the middle. You can also deal with nausea and vomiting with this pain. If you have an infection in any of the urinary system and then turn your symptoms are fever May, chills, sweating, pain during urination and blood, etc. the urine is also one of the symptoms.

home remedies for treatment

person who has a stone problem must eat in excess of the amount of banana, banana, because it is the main source of vitamin B-6, which inhibits the production of oxalate crystals and thus ends oxalic acid. Instead, the person who has the stone should also drink coconut water, because it contains natural potassium stops the action stone production and stone is also soluble in it. Although bitter gourd is bitter in taste, but it is the panacea for cases of calculations. Bitter gourd has this type of content such as magnesium and phosphorus, which do not allow the accumulation of kidney stones and cure for arthritis and sugar. Gram also inhibits stone building.

Carrot contains acid pyrophosphate and various action also prohibit stone production. carrot carotene content protects the walls of the urinary bladder of any breakage and destruction. Mixture of olive oil and lemon juice is very effective in the removal of kidney stones. Mix 60 ml of lemon juice and the same amount of olive oil and prepare a mixture. After taking this mixture is still drinking lots of water. Using this natural remedy will soon be free of the stone and even can also become free of pain that occurs during stone.

The production of soluble rock, eating vegetables boiled chickpeas half in small small amount throughout the day, with this boil ½ kg houndstooth in 3 glasses of water after the filter in a arrope and squeeze houndstooth in which the water is just fine, put some black pepper, cumin seeds and a little rock salt in it and drink 4 times a day, and therefore the kidneys will always remain healthy and away from stone and other diseases as well.

Eating cumin seeds with sugar syrup caramel and honey also helps in stone in motion with urine.

Make a radish hole and fill it with 20 grams of seeds of turnip and carrot, after the heat and broil, after carried out the radish seeds and grind them in drink aM 5-6 g of this mixture with water during and Repeat for 1 month, this will provide relief stone.

Onions have inhibition of characters. Grind 70 g of onion and makes it pasta, squeeze in a cloth and take their juice. Drinking every day in the morning soon liquefy the stone and removes it from the body. Who face the kidney stone repeatedly you must take care of their eating habits, so that appropriate treatment can be provided in time. With this a person should also drink 3-5 liters of water every day. If someone have faced the stone once again can face also, therefore, you must take care of your eating behavior.

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