Some easy home remedies to lower protruded STOMACH

Some easy home remedies to lower protruded STOMACH ;

Population of obese people is increasing at a rapid pace. Today there are about 4 million and 10 lakh people in India whose weight is more than normal. Most people do not care about their increasing in stages starting weight, but when they become very obese people, and then carry out their sweat for hours to reduce it. For reducing obesity correction eating behaviors are needed. Some natural products are those that have great control over weight. Therefore, if you are not able to do much hard work to reduce weight, you may have to use methods below, they will be very useful in reducing weight.

1. Avoid products that have more carbohydrates. Sugar, potato and rice contain more carbohydrates. Improve our fat.

2. Instead of only chapatti flour, soy mixture, grams and chapati flour is more beneficial. In this case.

3. Drink cabbage juice daily. It has characters of weight reduction and maintains the body’s metabolism.

4. Eat papaya regularly. It is available in all seasons. Consumption of papaya for a long time helps reduce accumulated fat around the waist.

5. curd also eliminates the extra fat from the body. Whey drink should also 2-3 times a day.

6. Grind Pippala tree (ficus religiosa) leaves and filter cloth. Eating 3 g of this morning everyday with powdered whey will help reduce stomach bulged out.

7. amla Grind and turmeric in the same amount and make its dust. Take this powder with whey. slim waist will be fully.

8. If the fat is not under control then, including black and green pepper cold in the daily diet can have control over it. It was found in research that fat loss is best eaten cold. Elements present in the cold like peppers tend to reduce hunger. It also increases energy production, because control over the weight remains maintained.

9. Take 1 tablespoon mint juice with 2 tablespoon honey also helps in weight reduction.

10. Vegetables and fruits also reduces calories, therefore, eat more and more. Avoid the banana, which increases fat. Drinking peppermint tea also helps in weight reduction.

11. Eating tomato and onion salad put black pepper in it with food. They provide us vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, iron, potassium, etc. lykopene fill our stomach soon and helps control weight.

12. drink 250 g of tomato juice daily morning after political awakening for 2-3 months also reduce stomach bulged out soon

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