simple home remedies for bedwetting to

simple home remedies for bedwetting to ;

Home Remedies For Bed Wetting

One of the most difficult obstacles of parenthood can wake in the middle of the night and changing honeycomb sheet or bed of her child because of bedwetting. Enuresis or bedwetting is very common, but annoying problem where a child urinates during sleep. More or less every child does this at some point in their childhood or younger age, but if this becomes a habit and the child to continue this even after 7 years of age, then you should take the problem seriously. Symptoms of enuresis can be found as excessive thirst, fatigue, rashes pubic area, sleeping disorders, etc. If we go to the root of the problem has been found that the smaller bladder, fluctuating hormone levels, excess stress, problems with sleep, a structural problem in the urinary or neurological organism, etc. ., may lead to the occurrence of a problem of bedwetting. However, bedwetting is not just a frustrating problem because it disrupts sound sleep night but this also falls the child in shame.

Home Remedies for Bedwetting

However the good news is that you can drive away this embarrassing habit of your child easily with some simple home remedies available in your kitchen. These remedies are effective and 100% excellent health insurance for your child. Just check out below:

Cranberry juice

Cranberry Juice Reduce Bed Wetting

Cranberry juice is one of the home remedies used to cure children enuresis . Although apparently children who suffer from a problem of bedwetting should omit any drink before going to bed, but cranberry juice can be recommended strongly to them before bedtime. The goodness of cranberry juice is extremely useful for U.T.I, kidney or bladder infection and therefore is also useful for bedwetting. force is provided and carries the burden of the muscles and thus prevent bedwetting. Have your child drink at least 8 ounces of cranberry juice every night before bed for a couple of months to get the desired result.


Cinnamon Reduce Bed Wetting

Cinnamon a spice common kitchen can be extremely helpful in relieving your child’s problem of wet bed. You can simply give your child cinnamon bark to chew once a day regularly and see improvement. Another way is to mix cinnamon and sugar properly and spread on toasted butter and give this to your child to eat breakfast.


Jaggery Reduce Bed Wetting

Jaggery can be one of the most effective remedies for bedwetting. As brown sugar is known to generate the heat effect on the body, which can be immensely useful in the treatment of nocturnal enuresis problems in children . You can give your child a small piece of jaggery and make him / her consume him with a cup of hot milk. Then an hour later, mix toasted sesame seeds and celery seeds in the same proportion and add some rock salt with the mixture. Now this remedy give your child the intake of it. If you follow this remedy on a daily basis you will surely notice the difference.


banana can be a delicious remedy for your child to get rid of this frustrating problem . As banana functions to hold the stomach so this way you can cure the problem of bedwetting in a simple way. Have your child’s intake of at least two ripe bananas on a daily basis. A banana can be given in the morning, while the other can take before going to sleep. But make sure that does not cause the child to overeat banana ripens, matures them, but the bananas solids to remove bedwetting problem.

Banana Reduce Bed Wetting

nuts and raisins

Another crispy and delicious way to control bedwetting habit of his child may be, giving him / her 1 teaspoon of raisins and nuts 2 teaspoon before going to bed every night. This will eliminate the problem in a few days.

Walnuts Reduce Bed Wetting

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