Ice cubes by the side

Ice cubes by the side ;

Benefits of ice cubes to face:

Ice cubes are good for the face. Most of you must have heard of him. That’s why you’re curious to read more about it. I’m right? My sister has tried to apply ice cubes on your face for 20 days. She said the result was impressive. Therefore, I also tried the ice cubes facial 🙂 The result is a clean, smooth and shiny surface. What else do you want? I still have not done playing 30, so I’m not able to judge if reduced shrinking and aging process slows down. But I heard that ice cubes reduces wrinkles beauticians.

, but I’m sure that most of you should not be aware of the fact that ice cubes should not be applied directly to the face. Are you wondering what to do? See how to use ice cubes to face and benefits of ice cubes to face .

Using ice cubes on your face?

1. Wash you face and let it dry. Make sure no make up on her face.

2. Take an ice cube and wrapped with a soft cloth, preferably plain white cotton cloth.

3. gently massage the ice cube on your face and you can keep it on until the ice cube melts.


* I use a hand plain cotton white scarf to wrap ice cubes.

* Do not wear colors that release dye and color. Colors can affect your skin easily.

Benefits of ice for the face and skin:

1. cubes ice to heal open pores on your face:

open pores attracts dust and bacteria easily. Therefore, the end result will get more skin problems. His face look smooth and will not be even. Also you have a pale appearance.

The application of ice cubes a day can minimize the number of open pores. Wrap ice cubes in a soft cloth and gently massage on the face. Be sure to wash your face before applying. Do this 2 times a day. You can see the difference in a few days.

2. Ice cubes for skin tightening:

cubes ice aid in stretching the skin and thus help slow the aging process. Also it prevents wrinkles. Ice cubes and facial helps keep you young and radiant.

3. Ice cubes for clear skin:

Ice cubes can help improve your complexion. It is obvious that people living in cold regions are fairer. Go make ice cubes face every day and you can see the results before. It also helps reduce sunburn and remove tans. Therefore, it can raise his complexion. Instead of ice water friction, you can try papaya extract, milk and ice cubes water rose to the improved results.

4. Ice cubes for removing sun tan

Once back home after wandering in the hot sun, take a bucket of ice facial after washing your face. This is one of the effective and easy to suntan removal home remedies.

5. The ice cubes to help change snapshot:

Ice cubes immediately can make your glowing skin. They have the power to quickly raise your gaze. Go and make ice cubes face and see the results immediately. His face is glowing with certainty

. Notes:

1. Do not apply ice directly on the face as I said.
2. If you feel any allergies or redness after using ice cubes, stop using them. It is a rare disease.
3. An ice cube at a time is enough. Use until melted.
4. Do not massage or so. Apply gently.
5. Try lemon, orange, papaya extracts, milk and rose water to make ice cubes instead of tap water. You can get the goodness of them too.
6. Use mineral water or pure water instead of plain tap water. Tap water might not always pure.
7. Make sure that you have no physical illness such as fever, cold and cough. Avoid ice cubes when you are sick.

ice cubes face and smile are good for your face. Keep smiling and keep it beautiful:)

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