How to get rid of bags under the eyes (Fast and Naturally)

How to get rid of bags under the eyes (Fast and Naturally) ;

bags under the eyes are usually the result of insufficient sleep, liquid wealth or excessive salt in their diet. Bags under the eyes can make you seem exhausted or more established than they really are. In the remote chance you have to get rid of bags under the eyes before he can face the world, there are some approaches to do as such rapidity.

Causes of Bas under eyes

As you age, the structures of tissues and muscles that hold the eyelids weaken. The skin may start hanging, and the fat that is usually limited to the area around the eyes (circle) can move in the territory under the eyes. In addition, the space under the eyes can pick up liquid, so that the region under the eyes appear puffy or swollen. A few variables can lead to this, including:

  • maintenance of liquid due to changes in climate (eg hot and sticky days), hormone levels or eating salty nourishments
  • is not enough to get lethargy
  • Hypersensitivities or dermatitis, especially if the swelling is accompanied by redness and tingling
  • Inheritance – bags under the eyes can run on your family

Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes

the best ways to get rid of bags under the eyes fast and naturally

bags under the eyes – mild swelling or puffiness under the eyes – they are regular as you get older. With maturation, the tissues around the eyes, including a percentage of the muscles that hold the eyelids, weaken. the typical fat that helps strengthen the eyes can then move on the lower eyelids, creating the covers to look swollen. Similarly liquid can be added in the space under the eyes, adding to swelling. Bags under the eyes are usually a non-essential and rarely an indication of a genuine medical condition critical concern. In the home cures, for example, cold compresses, can help improve the presence of bags under the eyes. For constant or annoying puffiness under the eyes, medication options are available.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Drink Water

often, bags under the eyes can occur for water retention due to the concentration of salt in one area. It can occur after eating a salty mourn or dinner, you wake up with bags; No matter what food or salty tears, salt water extraction in the face and make they are collected under the eyes.


  • Drinking more water is the easiest way to get rid of it, because it helps remove excess toxins from your body. You should avoid amount of salty foods for the rest of the day.
  • When your body is well hydrated, the possibility of water retention which suffers less. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day to stay well hydrated well hydrated

. Note: Stay away from caffeinated drinks and soft drinks that cause you to become dehydrated, as coffee and alcohol.

  1. Soothe your eyes with something cold

You’ve probably heard that placing cucumbers on your eyes will help remove the bags, but it is actually cold temperature comfort zone. Cucumbers have to be the perfect shape, size and texture cold to treat bags under the eyes.


  • Cut a cucumber into thick slices that got to be cooled in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Apply the cuts on the skin influenced range around 10 minutes. Just then washed with clean water. Rehash twice each day for about a week.
  • Another option is to mix cucumber juice and lemon in equal amounts. You can use a cotton ball to apply this mixture on the damaged and leave for 15 minutes and then wash skin with water. Follow this remedy daily for one week at least

. Note: Cucumber has depigmentation and soft astringent properties that help these commonly alter and have a calming and invigorating impact. This cure will also reduce wrinkles and dark circles around your eyes.

  1. Potato

There They are natural whiteners elements present in potatoes to help get rid of the puffiness around the eyes. This is also useful for bleaching dark circles under the eyes.


  • Reja one or two potatoes cooled to extract the juice. Use a cotton ball in the juice and apply over closed eyes. You must make sure the juice covers dark circles under the eyes and eyelids. Let the juice sit for 10 to 15 minutes. After rinsing your eyelids with cold water. Repeat once or twice a day for a few weeks
  • Instead of potato juice, sliced ​​thick potato can also be used to remove dark circles

Note: .. Use this solution three to five times a week for quick results.

  1. use Teabags

Black Teabags

Both green tea bags bags and black tea can help soothe your swollen and irritated eyes. They contain anti-irritant properties that help reduce puffiness around the eyes. They can also cure the redness and inflammation.


  • Boil two tea bags in hot water for a few minutes, then take them out and Bob up and down until they are soaked properly. Now let let cool on a plate. Lie down in a comfortable place, put the tea bags on your eyelids and cover them with a soft cloth. Leave them for 10 to 15 minutes

. Note: Hopefully, things will look a little less swollen when the mirror is cast again. Repeat this exercise several times a day. Leave them in place for 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat a few t

  1. cold spoons

This easy home remedy is surprisingly very effective. This helps tighten the skin around the eyes along with the relaxation of blood vessels, which offers comfort to swollen and tired eyes.


  • Chill 5 or 6 metal spoons in the refrigerator for 10 to 15 minutes. The rounded part of cold spoons against his eye for a few minutes until heated spoon. As the spoon is heated, replace it with another cold from the refrigerator

Note: .. Apply at least once a day

  1. Change sleep position

those who sleep sides or stomachs increase the possibility of waking up with bags under the eyes, because during the night these positions allow it to accumulate fluid under the eyes. side sleepers may notice that the eye-side sleeps into account larger than the eye on the other side bag.


  • Try to sleep back gradually more often than your stomach or side. Although it is not easy to change sleeping position, so maybe at first you may have a little trouble getting used to it. You can try adding pillows to your sides to make it easier to sleep on your back.
  • If you have the dream again, you can use a second pillow under his head. Head at an angle slightly down, will not let the liquid accumulating under your eyes at night

. Note: Try this for one week. You will see improvement.

  1. Almond oil

is considered as a characteristic setting incredible that is extremely advantageous for fragile skin around her eyes. In the event that you use consistent almond oil, which will help blur of dark circles.


Before going to bed, apply some almond oil on the dark circles and gently massage the skin. Leave on overnight and the next morning thoroughly wash using cold water. Apply this remedy daily until dark circles recover

. Note: In addition, you can apply vitamin E oil to remove dark circles under the eyes

  1. rosewater

rose water naturally has incredible for skin care ingredient. It has a natural calming effect on tired eyes and rejuvenates the skin. Even also it works as a good skin toner due to its mild astringent properties.


  • In rosewater, eye soak cotton balls for a couple of minutes. After that put pads soaked precisely closed eyelids. Leave them for 10 minutes

. Note: You can apply this remedy twice a day for a few weeks.

  1. Tomato

Tomatoes It has natural whitening skin lightening properties greatly.


  • Make a mixture of one teaspoon of tomato juice a year and a half teaspoon lemon juice . Now apply this gently on the dark circles and let stand for 10 minutes. Then rinse with water. It can be applied twice a day for about a couple of weeks. You can only use tomato juice instead
  • Drink a glass of tomato juice with salt, lemon juice and mint leaves can also help

Note: .. Be sure to drink the juice immediately after you to get the best results. Following once or twice daily for a week.

  1. Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice

lemon juice has properties to clarify skin and vitamin C present in it can also help eliminate dark circles under the eyes.


  • use a cotton ball to apply fresh lemon juice around the eyes. After leave for about 10 minutes then rinse. Follow this at least once a day for about a week.
  • You can also make a thick paste by mixing two tablespoons of tomato paste, a tablespoon of lemon juice, turmeric powder and a pinch of gram flour (besan). After making this pasta, which are applied around the eyes gently. After 10 to 15 minutes rinse with clean water. Repeat two or three times a week

Note: .. If you feel any burning sensation due to lemon juices and then stop using it

  1. milk

If you have problems with swollen eyes regularly in the morning, then one of the best remedy to combat it is milk. Milk helps soothe and refresh tired eyes and also reduce the tissues under the eyes water retention.


  • Use two cotton pads for bathing refrigerated milk. Now apply these cotton pads over your eyes and take a rest for 20-30 minutes. After that wash with cold water to see eyes looking normal

. Note: For a better repetition result this remedy for a few days

  1. vitamin E oil

Vitamin E

vitamin E helps maintain healthy skin under the eye, as it is necessary for healthy skin. This also reduces the swelling around the eyes.


  • Make a mixture of a few drops of vitamin E oil taken with cold water in a bowl. Mix well. Now take cotton pads and dip in this mixture. Place it over the eyes

Note: .. Leave the cotton pads for about 20 minutes through the eyes to reduce puffiness under the eyes

tips for handling bags under the eyes

  • according to their hypersensitivity. unfavorable season and watery susceptibility, puffy eyes are as one. Here is the uplifting news :. These pharmaceuticals over-the-counter taken to their anaphylaxes, colds or sinus disease may disappear her swollen eyes – with runny nose
  • try to use a Neti pot. Use this thingamabob, which resembles a small teapot, pour salt water into one nostril and let it run out the other. Abnormal sounds, however, can rescue flush out all that extra moisture in your breasts occasionally anaphylaxes, colds or illnesses.
  • not close your eyes with eye makeup on. You can make the eyes water, and the reason an instance of swelling the day after. Wash dirt with cleanser and water, or use a remover consistently.
  • A glass of wine is fine, but not too try hard. Why? Alcohol can carry water from the skin. By weakening the fragile area around the eyes, it is more likely to slip into a pocket. In case you tie one on, drinking water before going to quaint little inn lotion around the eyes.
  • You make a considerable measure to protect your body from daylight. it is true that you are doing the same for the face? Too much sun can cause the skin around the eyes or the list of your wrinkles. Use sunscreen, shades and hat to protect your face from the destructive rays.
  • Need an alternative motivation to launch the propensity? Smoking can weaken the skin dry and everywhere. Say no to smoke and save shriveled, sunken eyes.
  • have puffy eyes? Chill out! An ice pack can help relieve swelling. try spoons chilled cucumber slices or tea bags. Whatever you use does not make a difference -. The low temperature does the work
  • regime racks of stores under the weight of creams and moisturizers made to reduce puffy eyes Attempt to check out. if one works for you. Here there is an element dodge: Do not use hemorrhoid cream out of date. It can irritate the skin around the eyes. Try a retinol eye cream.
  • Decrease liquor and caffeine. Despite the fact that they can liven that in the short, stimulating and liquor term does not do the same for your skin. They can lead to lack of hydration soft, so obvious dark circles itself.
  • Consider skin lightening. However, the British Skin Foundation warns that many skin lightening creams contain illicit aggravates that can harm their welfare. To help legitimate skin lightening items work best, avoid the sun and sunscreen use every day.
  • Look fillings. A dermatologist or skin specialist restorative can control these if your dark circles are dim because of broken veins. Fillers can also help if misfortune fat is the reason for gaps or shadows under the eyes.
  • investigate laser drugs and vitamin K. Laser drugs can reduce the presence of dark circles due to broken veins. healthy skin items that contain vitamin K can also provide assistance.
  • Can bags under the eyes often shrouds with correction. Choose the one that matches your skin tone. Apply it gently on to praise -. Do not attempt to rub

How to prevent bags under the eyes

Prevent Bags under Eyes

Bunches of things can lead to puffy eyes – from a lot of little rest, eating ineffectively to get more experience. To help reduce the presence of swelling of the eyes, consider these suggestions:

  • It’s so essential to anticipate swollen eyes as it is to diminish dark circles start to get at least eight. hours of great sleep.
  • the decently stay hydrated can help prevent puffy eyes. Drink plenty of liquids solids, particularly water, it helps keep skin firm tone in general and complete looking.
  • shortened salt. retention of body fluid can lead to skin uncooked swollen. Decreasing salt intake encourages the decrease tendency to retain water abundance. A simple approach to reduce salt? Reduce food handled in their feeding routine.
  • cold accumulators use. Some skin specialists advocate force-blowing, soaked bags of chilled green tea. Fresh cut cucumber or peas or solidified package wrapped carrots in a cloth over your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes so it could help or eye gel cover likewise could make the trap.
  • Consider nonessential loads. These may help if filing separately collagen and elastin on the skin covering inflated. Fillers can reduce the appearance of bags

Conclusion: ..

These tips can help keep your eyes impressive


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