Home remedies to increase sperm count and motility

Home remedies to increase sperm count and motility ; home remedies to increase Sperm count

home remedies to increase sperm count and motility

The low sperm count is one of the most common problems among men, but there are many ways control and to increase the count of sperm . Most ordinary people think that the number of sperm and motility can only be increased by the use of drugs, but it is not always true. One can reduce infertility problems and can increase sperm count with these simple steps.

  1. Mix Almonds seeds, pistachios, sunflower seeds, cashews and Raisins daily bowl and eat 1/2 sperm count will increase.
  2. Eat mature Mango fruit regularly can improve sperm count.
  3. Eat nder every day to improve sperm count.
  4. banana has sulfur and iron, so eat banana daily increase sperm count and motility.
  5. To improve counting Asado sperm Black gram, boiled in milk , mix with cardamom , sugar and raisins to make kheer or Payasam and consume regularly.
  6. To improve sperm count to peeled and fried Bengal gram to eat in moderate amounts.
  7. Mix Bengal gram flour with pieces of dried dates and add milk and sugar and consume it frequently to improve his sperm count.
  8. Consume two tablespoons of dried dates crushed and ground in milk with honey every day .
  9. Eat sweet nougat made of carrot frequently.
  10. To improve sperm count and prevent premature ejaculation Eat Pumpkin Water regularly.
  11. Having to tender cucumber daily sperm count will increase.
  12. Eat spicy sauce made from jack fruit seeds will increase your sperm count.
  13. As few cashews nut daily.
  14. Bel Eat fruit daily.
  15. Try to eat Zapote (Indian fruit) regularly.

Exercise regularly and be calm and relax and enjoy your sexual life will reduce infertility problems faced by couples .

Do not worry about low sperm count and strictly follow the above solutions … increase sperm count automatically … ..

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