Her hair problems solved Summer!

Her hair problems solved Summer! ;


The suffering of damaged hair this season? Do not be afraid, your hair problems summer are not here to stay! American dermatologist Dr. Kiran Lohia, a recent transplant to New Delhi with its newest and most advanced American dermatology center in Panchsheel Park, brings you the best therapies for their braids.
Problem # 1: Hair-color loss – strong sunlight can often cause your hair color to change due to their temporal whitening effects!
Your Quick Fix : Consider wearing a hat to protect your hair! If a hat does not suit you, then you can use products with sunscreen in her braids to repel harmful rays.
Problem # 2: Green Hair – Warm weather brings many refreshing pool for regular baths. Unfortunately, chlorine can often cause hair to acquire a greenish hue.
Your Quick Fix : search chlorine-removal shampoos or chelating agents desalting so that your hair can return to its natural color! And try to wear a swim cap when possible, reducing the amount of chlorine that your hair is exposed.
Problem # 3: Scalp fatty – Have a scalp that is constantly fat no matter how often you shampoo? Heat, humidity and daily routine can cause this common problem.
Your Quick Fix : Search shampoos with salicylic acid in them to help degrease the scalp! Salicylic acid is known asset that helps reduce fat by keeping the squeaky clean scalp. Also, consider using dry shampoo between washes their hair to help reduce the appearance of oily scalp. These solutions help powder absorb excess sebum, giving the hair a freshly washed look.
Problem # 4 distraction dandruff The summer season brings back dandruff with a bang, so your itchy scalp while looking unattractive to those millions of flakes white.
Your Quick Fix : Go to your dermatologist! Dandruff is a symptom that can be caused by several different conditions. Your dermatologist will analyze your hair to determine the underlying cause, while also prescribing you a fast and adequate treatment for their distressed tresses.
Problem # 5: Breaks in the forehead from Bangs – Realizing that his forehead is erupting in coordination with sweaty conditions? This is called occlusiva acne , where the greasy bangs are sticking to the face and blocking the pores.
Your Quick Fix: Try to keep the bangs and the hair from her face so your skin can breathe. Also, try to stay as dry as possible, so that your locks are kept dry and out of her face.
Problem # 6: Mane Crespo – The summer heat makes the hair most people to frizz, causing annoying flyaways and difficulty styling hair. This is caused by moisture in the air, which causes the hair to absorb water, and then evaporated along with the necessary nutrients. Ultimately, it makes even more dry hair!
Your Quick Fix: Look for leave-in conditioners with a light airy texture. These products will keep hair soft while delivering moisture needed.
Problem # 7: Limp Locks – Usually, hair can get overwhelmed by all the sweat and water in the air, along with all the products that are used to keep it under control.
Your Quick Fix: Try to reduce the use of the product for your hair can stay bouncy and fresh. If you must use something, you need to find a lotion or a spray because heavy creams can weigh hair even more.
Problem # 8: Troubling Tresses – Having trouble every summer, where the hair becomes unmanageable? Her curls are not left curly hair does not stay straight and loose hairs jump up, almost as if they have a mind of its own. This is due to moisture in the air, which is causing fluctuating balance of liquids in the hair cuticles.
Your Quick Fix: sera based silicone can actually help keep your hair under control. Apply a minimum amount for your hair does not end up taking a greasy appearance instead. In addition, a natural hair mask can really help keep the hair more manageable. Mix avocado, egg and sesame oil and apply to your hair. Let it dry and then wash, making sure to get the entire residue off. Avocado contains important fatty acids and vitamin E to nourish and hydrate your damaged hair, while the egg gives your hair back proteins needed. Sesame oil then gives your hair some protection against the soft sun while covering it with nutrients. Do this weekly for soft and shiny hair!
Problem # 9: damaged hair – Have you noticed that after the scorching summer, your hair is damaged and less manageable? This is due to sun. UV rays are known to cause skin aging and hair, giving as a result hair rougher and less bright. This is because the keratin layer surrounding the hair shaft breaks. You can see that this is true because the top layer of hair will be less manageable than the layer below which does not have much exposure to the sun!
Your Quick Fix: Protect those braids! Be sure to apply a sunscreen on your hair and your scalp where it is exposed to sunlight. You can use an SPF fog with SPF30 and PA ++, at least 30 minutes before sun exposure. Do this regularly to keep your hair healthy and young.
Problem # 10: Breakage- hair Have you noticed that when the hair brush or comb your hair back, it appears more hair then used to? Why is this? The summer heat, along with harmful to break the bonds of strengthening the hair, causing excess stress rays. This makes it weaker and more prone to breakage and ends of her hair splitting.
Your Quick Fix: Try hairstyles that reduce exposure of your hair to the elements. You can make French braids or updos charming, everything seems attractive at the same time keep your hair healthy. Also, try to stay away from air dryers, and let the hair dry naturally after washing. This will prevent further damage to your luscious locks.

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