BACK PAIN: Causes and Home Remedies

BACK PAIN: Causes and Home Remedies ;


1. always wore high heels.

2. Excess tension in muscles

3. More weight by wrong methods

4. Sitting in the wrong position.


1. by the daily morning put 3-4 cloves garlic mustard or coconut oil and heat until they become pieces of black garlic. When it becomes cool with backrub.

2. dip a towel in hot water and wring salt. After lie flat on the abdomen. Instead of pain put this towel. It is an effective way to provide relief for back pain medicine.

3. Put 3/2 teaspoon salt in a pan and roast well. Link this salt in a thick cotton cloth and is a kind of bag. It provide heat to the back with the help of this warm cloth, it will provide comfort in pain.

4. cumin Broil King in pain with the flame of light. When it becomes cold chew slowly and then take it inside. Regularly eating this will give relief from back pain.

5. Avoid sitting in the same position for long. After every 40 minutes he gets up from his chair movement a little here and there.

6. Avoid soft and fluffy seats. Patients back pain should sleep in bed any solid or hard.

7. Yoga is also very beneficial in back pain. Bhujangasana, shalabhasana, Halasana, uttanpadasana, shavasana etc., they are some of these asanas that are very useful and beneficial for the elimination of back pain. yoga asanas for back pain should be low and yoga guru.

8. Due to lack of calcium can also become weak bones, therefore, eat more and more products that contain calcium.

9. Exercises performed to cure back pain should also be done. Walking, swimming, cycling, etc. are some good exercises. Swimming reduces weight and is also beneficial for back pain. During cycling to keep your back straight. Exercise makes bones strong help in reducing weight.

10. During back pain when picking something up from the ground or by picking up some heavy thing do not lean backwards through, first bend your knees and bend down and when the hand reaches the thing picked up and make your knees straight and some up.

11. While the driving seat should be solid and sitting posture must also be correct and while driving your seat belt fastened.

12. While working in the office Never sit with back support. Put her back in the chair so he always lives straight. To keep the neck straight thick towel you can also be put behind his back in his chair.

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