9. The best ways of how you can use the Aloe Vera for acne treatment

9. The best ways of how you can use the Aloe Vera for acne treatment ;

9 best ways of how you can use the Aloe Vera for the treatment of acne: If you have used all for your acne and yet not seem to get rid of it permanently, it is time for you to try aloe vera for acne. You can see an improvement in their skin condition in as less as a week when aloe vera gel for acne is regularly applied.

Why is Aloe Vera good for treating acne?

The transparent gel present within the aloe vera leaf is 99% water and 1% the rest consists of glucomannan, amino acids, lipids, vitamins and sterols. If you think it is too little, knowing that potentially contains 75 active ingredients, including vitamins, enzymes, minerals, sugars, lignin, saponins, salicylic acids and amino acids. While aloe vera is used for a wide variety of conditions, we will focus on its properties that make it useful for curing acne.

  • Aloe vera has glucomannan (a rich polysaccharide mannose) and gibberellins (growth hormone). These are responsible for the increased collagen synthesis when applied topically or internally consumed. This means you have more chances of wound healing. Acne does not give a wound. This miraculous gel not only increases the collagen content of the wound, but also changes the composition of collagen and increases the rate of crosslinking of collagen. This also helps heal and prevent acne scars.
  • Due to its anti-inflammatory effects, aloe vera gel is one of the most effective natural remedies for acne. A new anti-inflammatory compound called C-glycosyl chromone has also been isolated from extracts of aloe recently vera gel.
  • aloe vera gel also has antiseptic properties. It contains a maximum of 6 antiseptic agents (lupeol, salicylic acid, urea nitrogen, cinnamonic acid, phenols and sulfur). All these inhibit fungi, bacteria and viruses and therefore you can remain assured about not getting an infectious acne.
  • aloe vera gel also contains magnesium lactate relieves itching sensation due to acne.
  • aloe vera gel also has astringent properties. This helps remove excess grease and dirt responsible for causing acne. This also prevents the output of acne.

9 Best Ways How You Can Use Aloe Vera for Acne Treatment

9 best ways of how to use Aloe Vera for acne treatment

using Aloe Vera for acne?

While aloe vera gel when applied to acne have the ability to cure them, may be more effective by adding other anti-septic natural antibacterial agents and it . First, we will discuss how to apply pure aloe vera gel for acne and then let us know about certain masks for acne done by adding aloe vera gel with other good natural ingredients to treat acne.

1. Apply Aloe Vera Pure Gel for topical acne

The simplest way to use aloe vera for acne is to apply the gel on the affected skin, the skin where you have acne.

get this:

  • leaf Aloe Vera gel or pure aloe vera Do the following:

    • Wash skin with mild soap, antibacterial soap preferably , and water Pat dry the skin. Now cut open the aloe leaf with the help of a sharp knife and squeeze its transparent gel. Apply this gel for acne ridden skin. let it dry for some time Never mind. Do this twice a day, preferably in the morning after having the bathroom and at night before going to bed. Apply aloe vera gel to the skin even after cure acne as this will prevent new breakouts. When the aloe vera gel regularly, helps protect the skin from harmful environmental effects applied. It also protects from the accumulation of bacteria that cause acne.

      2. Create mask Aloe Vera-Lemon for acne

      Now aloe vera gel knows how it works to help get rid acne. He also knows that lemon has ascorbic acid and vitamin C, but did you know that lemon also contains vitamin P and phytoncides that inhibit the reproduction and growth of bacteria? Vitamin P is the collective term used for flavonoids or bioflavonoids uncommon. Flavonoids are pigments that give yellow or red-blue for plants and protect them against insects, fungi and microbes. This only helps treat acne by suppression, kill and prevent bacterial infections. Needless to say that these infections, if left untreated, cause acne on the skin.

      get this:

      • The aloe vera gel 2-3 tablespoons
      • zumo- 2-3 drops of lemon

      Do the following:

      • You can scrape gel from an aloe leaf or buying pure aloe vera gel
      • Add drops of lemon juice freshly squeezed for aloe vera gel and mix well
      • Apply this to the affected skin.
      • is left for 15-20 minutes
      • Now wash with warm water and dry.
      • Do this 2-3 times a week
      • On the other days, apply pure aloe vera gel unmixed nothing two times a day, as explained in the above remedy.

      3. Make Aloe Vera-honey mask acne

      Honey has natural anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties, plus be a very nutritious food. It has antioxidants, minerals and vitamins such as vitamin B2, B3, B5 and. As aloe vera gel, honey also has antiseptic properties. Therefore, when the aloe vera gel and honey mixed to cure acne, which is doubling the chances of curing your acne fast.

      get this:

      • of aloe vera gel 1 tablespoon Honeywell 1 tablespoon Do the following:

        • mix aloe vera gel and honey apply this mixture to your affected areas is leave for 15-20 minutes Wash with warm water and dry Repeat twice a week on other days, apply aloe vera gel twice daily without mixing anything else to it. 4. Mask walnut-honey-Aloe vera for acne

          honey and aloe vera mask is good for acne-prone skin. If you add nuts to your this mask, it will be even better! Why the nuts? Because it is a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids that are considered miraculous for the skin. This fatty acid maintains skin inflammation away and therefore can control acne excellently. Thus, besides adding a handful of nuts to your daily diet, you can also make a mask by adding the aloe vera gel.

          get this:

          • gel aloe vera 2 tablespoons
          • Walnuts- 04.05
          • Honeywell 1/2 teaspoon

          Do the following:

          • Place the nuts in a blender and blend to make a fine meal of it
          • Add fresh aloe gel vera removed from the aloe leaf.
          • Mix again and mix well to get a fine paste
          • Take the dough mixer and add honey to this. Mix well
          • Apply this to your acne affected area and leave for 15-20 minutes
          • Wash with warm water and dry
          • Repeat 2-3 times a week.

          5. Neem-vera-honey aloe Face Pack for Acne

          There is yet another miracle ingredient that can be mixed with aloe vera gel and honey to get rid of acne and pimples. This is the Indian Neem or lilac. Neem has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties for which has been used for centuries by Ayurveda to treat almost all types of skin diseases properties. Neem also helps balance oil production in the skin to prevent excess oil. This prevents clogged pores which are a major cause of acne. Neem leaves also contain a lot of beneficial components such as carotenoids, fatty acids, ascorbic acid and vitamin E that not only promote healing of acne but also prevent acne scars.

          get this:

          • gel aloe vera 2 tablespoons
          • dust- neem leaves 1 tablespoon fresh neem leaves or 2 tablespoons paste-
          • Honeywell 1 tablespoon

          Do the following:

          • Take aloe vera gel in a container
          • Add powder neem or fresh neem leaves paste this gel
          • mix well to obtain a paste
          • Add the honey and mix well again for get face pack against acne
          • Apply this to the affected area and let it sit for 15-20 minutes
          • Wash with warm water and dry
          • Use this face pack 2-3 times a week

          6. Aloe Vera – Cabbage mask for acne

          cabbage is one of the leafy vegetables that can help you greatly when it comes to acne. Not only acne, but many other skin problems. Naturopathy has been using cabbage leaves as a poultice to treat skin diseases such as eczema, rashes, insect bites, psoriasis, leg ulcers and, of course, acne. All the sulfur present in cabbage helps dry excess oil on your skin. Sulfur also helps the production of keratin, essential for healthy skin. Consumption of cabbage or its juice detoxifies your body by flushing out the bacteria from your body. The bacteria that cause acne are also eliminated. Cabbage is also a rich source of vitamin C that regulates oil production and also promotes cell growth of healthier skin, both essential to get rid of acne. Therefore, the cabbage mixture of aloe vera gel and make a mask for acne removal.

          get this:

          • Cabbage- 01/04 to 01/02
          • of aloe vera gel 1 tablespoon

          Do the following:

          • Grate cabbage and collect the pulp. 2 tablespoons paste cabbage necessary.
          • Add the aloe vera gel for the shredded cabbage and mix well. If necessary, use a few drops of water to make a paste
          • Apply this to the affected area and let it sit for about 15-20 minutes.
          • Rinse with cold water and dry
          • Repeat 2-3 times a week.

          7. Mask Aloe Vera-turmeric for acne

          Turmeric has excellent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This helps treat acne effectively. When turmeric is applied to the skin, it takes a good step to destroy P. acnes bacteria that cause inflammation. It also removes excess fat from the skin preventing accumulation of sebum that leads to acne. Turmeric mixed with aloe vera gel improves the chances of cure acne fast.

          get this:

          • The aloe vera gel 1-2 teaspoons
          • turmeric powder- 1/2 teaspoon
          • gram flour – 1 teaspoon

          Do the following:

          • Mix all ingredients well three to a smooth paste
          • Apply this to your skin prone to acne
          • Leave it for about 20 minutes
          • Rinse with cold water and dry
          • Repeat 2-3 times a week.

          9. Consume Aloe Vera Gel to get rid of acne

          If you suffer from stubborn acne that will not go away, It should consider supplementing your diet with vitamins and minerals. Some of the necessary vitamins for acne removal include vitamin A, pantothenic acid, niacin and vitamin E. The mineral zinc is also very effective in curing stubborn acne. And the good news is that you may not need artificial supplements. You can get all these vitamins and minerals in the right aloe vera gel. Just make juice aloe vera gel and consume every day. Having internally aloe vera juice helps to unclog pores, purifies the blood, reduces inflammation and prevents infection. All this makes an excellent remedy for acne.

          How to make aloe vera juice for acne?

          just mix aloe vera gel with clear water to make juice. However, you can add other ingredients to make a tasty drink besides having additional benefits to cure acne.

          get this:

          • The aloe vera gel 2-3 tablespoons
          • Water 1 cup
          • lemon juice (optional) – 1-2 teaspoons
          • citrus fruit juice such as grapefruit or orange juice (optional) – 1 cup
          • Honey (optional) – 1-2 teaspoons
          • vinegar (optional) – 1 teaspoon

          Do the following:

          • If you are scraping the aloe gel it pure directly from a leaf, cut the bark and yellow layer just beneath the bark of the aloe leaf. This will give clear pure aloe gel.
          • Take 2-3 tablespoons of aloe vera gel and place in blender.
          • Add water to this.
          • If any other additional ingredients, adding water to the gel and aloe vera is used.
          • Mix well.
          • Extract aloe vera juice in a glass and consume immediately.
          • Do this daily.

          Precautions : If you consume the yellow layer, can cause stomach upset and diarrhea. So carefully clean the yellow layer. If you are pregnant or nursing mother, consult your doctor before consuming aloe vera gel. Always drink aloe vera gel immediately after making it, because even a delay of a few minutes allows the juice to get rusty which means you will not have all the nutrients gel essential aloe vera to eliminate acne and detoxify your body .

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