8 Unusual uses for coconut butter

8 Unusual uses for coconut butter ;

8 Unusual Uses for Nut Butters

For those who are not allergic, nuts and nut butters are excellent sources of origin healthy vegetable fats and proteins. All-natural or creams serve as home nuts large differentials sandwiches, but its uses extend beyond these obvious functions. Features that contribute to its versatility include its high fat content, strong flavors, creamy consistency. Here are eight of its unusual uses.

1. Substitute butter

in baking, butter serves both as a source of fat and as glue. However, one can use a nut butter as an alternative full protein, vegan. It has a high fat and help make sticky mass. nut butters are also unique in flavor and can enhance the taste of your good cashews and peanuts baked tend to be more flavorful, while pecan and almonds have a subtle sweetness. You can even make cookies without gluten by simply using a cup of nut butter, a cup of sugar and one egg. Bake at 350oF for 10 minutes, and enjoy your cookies! If you want to reduce the amount of sugar, just be aware that the texture may be more like a cake (instead of crisp and chewy).

2. Bait unwanted creatures

Trap unwanted creatures (eg, ants, roaches and mice) using peanut butter as a bait-this is a free solution chemical and cheap! Peanut Butter easily attract mice in a human trap, besides insect trap legs.

3. Basis for dressing or sauce

Use nut butter as a substitute for mayonnaise or sour cream in creamy dressings. This is a substitute for milk and no eggs will also be more filling due to protein content. A cheese sauce on macaroni and cheese nachos or can be made by mixing soaked cashews and nutritional yeast. sauces nut butter or spicy sweet and savory are also great choice for any protein from tofu and tempeh chicken and beef, as well as grilled vegetables.

4. Lubricant

How many uses Can you think of lubricants machine? Instead of investing in expensive bottle of lubricant that ends up sitting in your garage, buy a jar of nut butter inexpensive to lubricate machinery and tools. Search nut butters that are higher in fat, such as cashew or peanut butter, as they have a higher oil content and therefore be more effective.

5. Cleaner

As nut butters can lubricate machinery, but can also lubricate the substances and make it easier to remove them. Tackiness and greasiness of nut butters make them useful for removing price tags and to clean leather, for example. Rub a small amount eliminate the price tag cleanly and clean your skin. Simply mask the smell of butter nuts by rubbing in a little essential oil or perfume when finished cleaning. You can even use the same method to remove the bad taste substances (like rubber) hair or carpets.

6. Glue

If you are really in need of a little glue and can not find any glue or tape around the viscosity of peanut butter makes it a great last resource! In more practical terms, in situations involving food, nut butters can also help seal the ends of the ice cream cones to avoid dripping mess. Furthermore, in the spirit of the holiday season, remember that nut butters are healthy substitutions for glazing on gingerbread houses. Moreover, nut butters also serve as a more favorable framework for gingerbread glue, which leads to a more structurally sound base!

7. Repair scratches

nut butters can be used to repair scratches on smooth surfaces, including wood and DVDs. To remove scratches from wood, apply a moderate amount of a nut butter zero, and let sit for at least 30 minutes before removing with a damp cloth. Meanwhile, remove scratches from discs, rub a small amount of nut butter zero and then remove with a cloth. The oil lubricated nut butter zero temporarily, allowing the disc to play!

8. Flavour enhancer

Finally, can mask undesirable tastes, especially bitter with the irresistible flavors of nut butter. Mix a tablespoon in a green juice, sprinkle a garnish based on bitter nut butter green, or mixed with medicine to increase palatability.



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